Multicoloured wall murals

Some people find the year’s unique and varied seasons to be frustrating, because they demand so much adjustment. Changing clothes. Acclimating to temperatures that rise and plunge froRead morem night to night. Can’t do in winter the things you like to do in summer? Get used to it! It may seem unpleasant, but still – think of all the amazing things the different seasons bring! New ways to socialize, new scents, the opportunity to redo our homes several times a year, and above all, the amazing colours that greet us. When the summer ends and we move toward autumn, colourful red-brown leaves surround us. Adults suddenly get the chance to wade through a red-brown sea of leaves, soft as the puffiest cloud in the sky, and children get to make beautiful bookmarks in school.

Shake things up with a multicoloured wall mural

At the time, autumn is the most beautiful season of the year. When it arrives, we couldn’t possibly dream of a season more beautiful. But then winter comes. The sun’s light wanes, yet we inhabit a world made of the lightest and whitest thing there is – snow. Again and again we are amazed by how beautiful it is – and suddenly, winter is our favourite season of the year. When spring arrives, all of nature is reborn. Finally we land in lush green summer, with its beautiful sunsets, green meadows and blue lakes. All the wonderful, lovely emotions our amazing seasons inspire in us are made possible by the colours and settings that accompany them. This is something we at Photowall want to bring into our homes, either to reflect upon the season of the moment, or to linger in the one desired. Here are some ways to look at it. Three of our many multicoloured wall murals use colour to capture the seasons in magical, creative ways. Pop Art Confetti reflects the colours of the shift from summer to autumn in many hues and shades, yet it’s perfect for all seasons. Another wall mural, Tree of Four Seasons, features the four seasons in the magnificent crown of a great tree. An ideal wall mural for an accent wall in a living room is Seasons. With its resplendent colours, it shows the virility of spring and the beauty of youth.

Dark, muted shades retain tranquillity when using many colours

Many different, strong colours in a single room can clash and tire your eyes. A good way to get all the colours of the world to work together is to mix in some muted, dark shades. Then add small and discreet but poignant elements of strong, bold colour. Search for our Quilt Pattern wall mural and you’ll understand exactly what we mean. Dare to unleash your creativity with a multicoloured wall mural!
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