Grey wall murals

Grey. A colour that is often associated with things like neutrality, boredom, mediocrity and timidity. How did that happen? Grey, such an amazingly wonderful colour to style with. BacRead morek in the middle ages, poor people wore grey, because it was the colour of undyed wool. Ever since then, the colour’s had to struggle. Yet time after time throughout history it succeeds as a culturally important and suitable colour. During the Renaissance, black was a noble colour to wear, and because white and grey coordinate well with black, grey came to play a more distinct and important role in fashion. It gained its place as one of the most used colours in modern time.

Styling with a grey wall mural

In homes, grey is warm, welcoming and airy – and yet exciting! A rustic plank in a kitchen or a wooden floor in a bedroom can easily disappear in the surrounding decor, yet the details they introduce are so naturally beautiful that they are worth highlighting. This may seem difficult – even impossible – at first, but when you see the possibilities in the colour and in grey wall murals, you will love the challenge of highlighting demurely beautiful details in your home. Like many other popular colours, grey is very multifaceted. Grey is so much more than just grey! The unbelievably many hues and shades of grey can sometimes feel like a jungle when hunting for exactly the right shade. Cold greys tend toward blue, while warmer greys tend toward something more like yellow-green.

A grey wall mural is a safe bet

If you want to play things safe, an elegant light grey is sure to work well. The Planes wall mural from Jolly Wrenches is absolutely unbeatable for a child’s room. World Map Detailed Grey is – unsurprisingly – a wall mural that is perfect for the home office. A Stockholm lover would find the Vasastan wall mural and its imaginative mapping of the Vasastan neighbourhood irresistible for an accent wall in the living room. There’s a risk a grey wall may appear flat, but that is easy to fix. A grey wall mural may already have one or several exciting patterns – or, a more sedate wallpaper can serve as the perfect background for your photo wall. Light grey colours are lovely, but please don’t forget the darker greys! A dark grey wall mural in a home with furniture that tends toward shades of white can be amazing, especially when popped with dark shades of other colours, such as cushions in dark purple or a plank of dark oak. A bedroom in white and grey can never, ever be wrong. If you are looking for a discreet and demure yet liberating look, a grey wall mural is a smart solution. Grey is easy for the eyes to grasp, relaxing them and lending tranquillity to your bedroom. Grey colours are in places you wouldn’t expect. The elegance the colour brings is something we at Photowall truly appreciate.
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