Orange Wall Murals

The colour orange got its name from the fruit, the orange. Its bold, golden red colour is sometimes called fiery gold. As opposed to many of the other most common colours, orange hasRead more only been used regularly and deliberately for a relatively short period of time. Humans did not begin using it to paint and decorate their surrounding until the age of ancient Egypt. "Ancient Egypt" you say? That sounds like thousands of years ago! And it was. However, by comparison, we had already been using the colours black and brown for similar purposes for around 10,000 years at that point in time. One thing orange has in common with other colours is that its meanings and associations vary depending on what part of the world you live in and what culture you belong to. In Buddhism, it stands for clarity and brilliance. In China, it symbolises change. And in most of the Western world, it symbolises entertainment and having fun.

Orange wall murals for bountiful energy and creativity

A whole room covered only in orange may sound and feel quite intimidating. This is because of the exciting colour's dazzling strength. It even manages to shine through in the dark in a fascinating manner and tops all other colours in terms of visibility in very weak lighting. All colours have different strengths and weaknesses, and as long as you are aware of them you’ll be able to make winning colour choices. One of the absolute greatest strengths of the colour orange is that it can be found everywhere around us in nature on things we regard as the most beautiful and is very rarely found on things we see in a negative light. As a result, we experience a great boost of joy and energy from this cheerful, easy colour. Imagine a gorgeous sunset over the water in the summer, or all the beautiful leaves surrounding us in the autumn. Very few people, if even any of us, associate either of these two phenomena with anything negative. Capturing the way orange is interpreted by nature and the seasons brings a source of pleasure to your home. Just take a look at two of our wall murals, Orchid Chaos - Orange, and Red and Yellow Leaves, and you’ll immediately see what we mean. Bringing more light and joy to homes with the colour orange is something we at Photowall are really passionate about. If you’re hesitating to use this magical colour in your home or not sure how, we would like to remind you that there are many ways to do it. Adding orange details is an easy way to pop colour into the space, but you can also toy with the idea of using a wall mural with orange features on one of your walls. Just look at our wonderfully peaceful Northern Sweden Midnight Sun wall mural and you'll see exactly what we mean.

Combining orange wall murals with other colours

All colours have at least a couple colours they go especially well with, and orange is certainly no exception. The combination of orange and purple is one of the absolutely most light-hearted yet exciting combos ever. Palm Beach Sundown, and Misty Mountains are two wall murals that are shining examples of this. A colour combination for a relaxing mood is serene green and orange. Try styling your bedroom with our Sunbathing wall mural and we at Photowall have no doubt you’ll see exactly what we mean!
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