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Maps & Flags

What could be more fun than feeling as though you are about to travel each time you sit down to tea or curl up in bed? We offer a large selection of maps and flags as wall murals so tRead morehat you can keep a little piece of your favourite places or periods in time with you. The sky is not the limit with our wallpapers as you can also get maps of the stars and the seas!


Our high-quality maps can be customised to your exact specifications, to give a personal experience to your wallpaper. Maps which are available include city maps, abstract maps, maps of countries, old maps and more. If you particularly enjoyed a place that you have been to, hang it on your wall with one of our attractive wall murals. There are educational maps, which feature current places and borders, whimsical maps such as the sheet music map of Britain, a world map constructed entirely of different breeds of dogs. Modern maps are available in ancient styles, or antique maps which look as though they are in modern styles. Famous cities you may like to visit are on hand as maps - for instance, Rome, Paris, Berlin, and New York. Maps in all styles and colours can be used for many different wall mural purposes with ease. Sea charts can be fun for the whole family, or perhaps you prefer star maps? Sea charts and star maps with details are available to point your way north or any other direction your mind wants to take you.


Country and world flags can be very interesting, especially if your homeland is far from where you currently live. Put a little piece of the places you have lived or travelled to on your wall and show friends your parts of the world. You can get flag wall murals which are old, or those which depict modern flags for countries. Wallpaper flag murals of nearly every country of the world can transport you back in time or ahead to a future vacation. Nothing says national pride quite so well as a wall mural that is your country's flag!
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