PInk wall murals

Pink is an incredibly interesting and exciting colour. In most of the Western world, the colour is often associated with charm, kindness, sensitivity, childhood, tenderness and feminiRead morenity, but this has not always been the case. Between the 1920s and 1940s, pink was considered a colour best suited for men because it was closely related to red, which was a very masculine colour during this period.

Styling with a pink wall mural

Styling a whole room from floor to ceiling in shocking pink is probably not topping a lot of priority lists, and we can understand that. But unfortunately, it is a common misconception that this is what to do with pink – all or nothing. The amazing thing about the colour is that there are so many different variations of hues and shades of pink. As a result, if you want a strong pink effect in your home, you can either choose a lot of one or several pink shades in the space you’d like to transform, or go for a room with only light soft colours and then add a few details in shocking pink or a pink wall mural with pink details. This means you can create the same pink effect in a room by either using pink in many places, or by only using a bit of pink.

Finding the right shade for your home

There's something special and greatly appealing about pink wall murals. It's a really happy and uplifting colour, but it can also be strong and assertive. There is an almost infinite number of ways to use pink on a wall mural as long as you do it the right way. With so many different captivating nuances to choose from, this beautiful colour is ready for use with many of your other favourite colours. Copper is an incredibly beautiful material wherever used in your home. Copper has been trending big time in the past year, which has made some people feel it’s reaching its peak. In spite of this, we still feel the urge to bring even more copper into our homes, and a good way to do this and still manage to give it its own unique personality is to pair the new copper lampshade you just bought with a beautiful pink wall mural in the right tone. Style with pale pink and jet black for a nearly irresistible combo. These two work incredibly well together when they are allowed to interact in the right way thanks to the contrast between the intensity and strength of the black colour and the lightness and joy of the pink. Hard to imagine?   Green and pink are another combo we highly recommend considering. When looking for the perfect wallpaper with pink nuances on our website, you'll quickly notice we just love using the green and pink combo on many of our wall murals. Allowing white and pink to play with each other in the same space is both timeless and classic, and will always work. If you're looking for this timelessness and combination of colours, you’ve definitely come to the right place.
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