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Surface & Textures



Surface & Textures

Texture is often overlooked because we take their sensations for granted. We allow ourselves to get lyrical about the beauty of paintings but forget to enjoy the luxurious feeling of Read moresilk sheets at night. Yet, surfaces and textures can literally transform a room from ordinary to spectacular.

Texture: The Critical Factor In Elevating A Room

Texture Provides Visual Weight: Nobody wants their room to be nondescript. Living spaces should take your breath away every time you walk into them. A room should be able to capture your attention and keep it there. It needs to have that visual weight to keep your interest and keep your eyes roaming around. A wall mural is one of the perfect tools designers use to create visual weight in a room. If you choose a design that adds depth and texture, such as a brick wall, it will warm the room up and give it a rustic feel. A smooth marble mural will have a cooling effect on the room and adds a Scandinavian touch. If you take this one step further, and place a contrasting texture directly against the wall mural it will serve to enhance the wall mural even more. In other words, you can adjust the visual weight of wall murals by adjusting the distance between the two contrasting objects.

Texture Balances A Room

If you want a modern finish to your living space, use a sleek wall mural of marble or granite. Similarly, if you prefer traditional rooms, choose wall murals that have a stony or rougher surface that will give you a homier feel. The resulting effect will be a room that has a cosy atmosphere. Remember that every room needs a contrasting element to emphasize the overall look you want to achieve. If your design is modern, display a wall mural of a rusty patched plate that will add just enough texture to play up to the rest of the room's polished feel. Add a level of sophistication to a room by carefully choosing textures that will complement each other, and bring your living space to life.
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