Purple wall murals

When asked their favourite colour, many people answer either red or blue. If you combine these two colours, you get a third popular colour: purple. In Europe we often associate this nRead moreoble colour with royalty, magic and mystique. This makes sense, because purple is endowed with a strong attraction and mystique that is very elusive.

The purple wall mural trend

The versatility of purple comes from its many nuances. It can be used in almost any room of the house, and especially as a wall mural. This versatility is surely the reason why purple was predicted to be the new most on-trend colour of 2017 – as indeed it was. It pops up increasingly often and feels spot on. A very pale version of purple has taken over the strong position pale pink used to hold as candidate for the new baby room. It is a soft colour that breathes contentment. It is easy on the eyes. Combining this pale shade of purple with a pale grey or grey beige makes an even more restful, pleasant room for the precious newcomer. Last year, as purple progressed into more adult spaces, such as the living room or the home office, it usually took the form of a wall mural in a darker shade of purple. This creates a discreetly stimulating impression. The secret of succeeding with purple in the living room is to find the nuance you think looks best there. With such a personal colour, it is very difficult to determine the right nuance of purple for you and your space. In a room with little light, a dark shade of purple can look darker than it actually is. A pale shade of purple in a room with a lot of light can look white. That makes it extra important to consider the lighting in each room where you are choosing a purple wall mural as the wall’s main colour.

Planning a purple wall mural

It’s easy to create a masterpiece once you have decided on the absolutely best shade of purple for the space you want to transform. If you decided on a dark shade of purple, such as the Magenta or Magenta - Big wall murals, go ahead and choose dark shades of other colours to discreetly highlight the wallpaper. Dark colours such as blue grey or dark green will stand out. A brown shade will give the room a more subdued character. A combination of all these colours may be the best solution! If you decided on a light purple, we at Photowall believe that combining it with an even lighter shade of an accompanying colour, either white or light grey, will create an incredibly stylish effect. It makes the entire space feel airier, which in turn feels very relaxing. That is why a light purple wall mural works very well in a bedroom. In bedrooms, however, it is important to not only use very light colours and shades. Too much light colour in a bedroom can cause the objects in the room to appear to hover, straining your eyes more than usual. An excellent alternative is to break up the light with beautiful, dark wooden frames or a gorgeous bed frame.
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