Black wall murals

An exciting story! You can find over 600 paintings and 1500 engravings at the Lascaux cave in southwest France. What makes these cave paintings special is that one of them is the oldeRead morest painting of any kind ever discovered, and it is over 17,000 years old. Can you guess what colour was used to paint it? Black, of course. The part of the painting we are talking about portrays a black bull and was painted using coal. This means that humans have deliberately used the colour black for a long time, and this colour's associations depend on who you are and your culture. In the Western world, the colour black is often associated with darkness and sadness, while it previously was considered one of the most beautiful colours in some parts of India. It is also common in the world at this time that black conveys prestige. This can be seen in the use of black suits.

Why is black an outstanding colour for decorating?

Some people think that black decor makes rooms dark and boring – but that is far from the truth.Black is an outstanding colour to decorate with because you can choose to make it as simple or complex as you like. Using a black wall mural in a room can help the space find a foundation, a secure base, which in turn is soothing. If eclectic decor suits and interests you, the colour black is surely up to the task of making it much easier to harmonize different styles. Match a wall mural in black tones with a black lamp, a pair of black cushions and perhaps a black rug, and you'll do have done the seemingly impossible – matching your new modern coffee table with that antique desk you inherited from your older relatives. Like other dark shades, black is a colour that helps your eyes relax. When you have too many bright colours in the room, it may seem to your eyes like the things in the room are almost floating around. Your eyes have to work hard to counteract this, which in turn makes them tense and tired. Who would've thought that the colour black in your home is almost a necessity to refresh you and your eyes?

Black wall murals are for everyone

Like the vast expanse of stars in space, our range of black wall murals is as infinite as your decorating dreams. The cheerful black-and-white panda with a yellowish green background, created by Ryan Fowler, is a favourite for many of us here at Photowall. Thanks to its fantastic use of colour and theme, this wallpaper fits all types of rooms, from a room for a child to grow up in to a super hip, on-trend living room with furniture in constant flux. A never-ending asphalt grey highway extends towards the Rocky Mountains resting on the horizon, white high-res photos of orchids with a black background and the black-as-night City Skylines motif are other wall mural patterns you will find on this page. Do you think this sounds incredible? We certainly do! As mentioned, if you use the colour black, there are no limits to worry about, especially if you use it on a wall mural.
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