Beige wall murals

Jump onboard the latest wall mural trend and hang a beige wall mural. An easy way to make every room of your home look chic and stylish. Here we list our beige favorites from our wallRead more mural range and reveal the best ways to match them with other style details.

A Scandinavian Favorite

One of our favorites, Panorama – Beige by Scandinavian Surface has a close-to-nature style that’s extremely easy to match in most rooms. This wall mural makes it easy to create a Scandinavian look in rooms such as the living room or bedroom. The color beige along with wooden chairs in the kitchen or a birch bed in the bedroom makes for a nice pairing.

Blossom my Heart by Byracka in the bedroom

Style with the beige Blossom my Heart wall mural by Byracka in the bedroom. The beige flower with white details sits prominently on the wall, giving the room a luxurious atmosphere. Make the bed with thick blankets and large pillows in white and gray. Decorate the room with pictures and other wall accents in porcelain or brass for a nice complement to your beige motif.

A beige wall mural for the hall

Put the Mushrooms Pink wall mural in the hall for a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. The design's beige features go just as well with minimalist white furniture as it does with brown and beige decor. For a more Scandinavian style, add a bright rug, a round mirror and a beige wooden bench. Decorate with a cushion, a lamp bursting with color, and a beige net bag – chic and stylish.

Lower scale beige

Saying that the beige motif Specular Reflection stands out isn’t entirely true. At first glance, this wall mural appears relatively discrete, but if you wallpaper a large room with the motif on all the walls, you'll be almost hypnotized by the motif’s deep and rounded patterns. That’s why this beige wall mural works best on small surfaces such as an accent wall in the living room, a wall in the hall or behind the bed in the bedroom.

Wall mural for summer cottage or kitchen

This beige wall mural is simply perfect for a summer cottage or a kitchen that evokes a provincial style. The Patinated Hand Drawn Map motif’s antique details and rustic feel really catch your eye, and you can’t go wrong if you combine it with a dark wooden table, a beige sofa or chunky wooden chairs. Your summer cottage is also ideal for matching the beige motif with a darker sofa, a beige rug and a daintier wooden table to create a delightful atmosphere.
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