Red Wall Murals

Styling with red. In interior design and fashion, red is usually associated with words like outgoing, eye-catching, successful and active. Decorating with red can make a room gorgeousRead more and really stick out with style, especially if you balance out the space with white or grey furniture and other decor that provide the right contrast. Take a look at the big picture and use finesse when styling with red walls. Sometimes it's easier to decorate with patterned red wallpaper than completely red wallpaper. This does not really require that the rest of your decor balance out the single-colour vibe of the wall in the same way. There are two things people who style with red have in common: they dare to tread their own path and do things their own way. Red is a very expressive, eye-catching colour.

Emotions on a wall mural

There is no doubt that red is a colour that evokes human emotions. Red is a colour that sends strong signals in nature. Most people agree that red is a real eye-catcher. It's no coincidence that stop signs in traffic and sale signs in stores are red. Red is also strongly symbolic as a colour in most cultures. The colour is frequently associated with love, power and courage. In Western culture, red can also be a symbol for sin and sexuality, but red does not have the same meaning everywhere.

Cultural differences

In Asian cultures, red stands for joy and success. It is therefore no surprise that red is a popular colour at weddings in Asian countries. And as you may have already figured out, red is a symbol for the sun in Japan.

Why sunsets are red

We won't delve into this in depth. We’lljust briefly explain why the heavens are coloured red at sunset. The white light we usually perceive includes a mix of the wavelengths of all colours. In certain cases, light is broken down into different colours, for example, a rainbow, or when you look through a prism. Light is scattered in a similar way at sunset. When the sun is low, it's the long wavelengths that reach us. Red has the longest wavelength and that's why the sky is mostly filled with red light. If you agree that red sunsets are amazing, take an extra close look at our Submerged in the Sun wall mural by Viktor Sundberg.

The history of Ferrari Red

There's a special hue of red called scarlet. Scarlet can be found in nature in the exotic ibis. It's a warm and fiery red colour with touches of orange. This particular red tone has become almost anonymous with Ferrari sports cars. This special colour is called rosso corsa and was initially used exclusively for racing cars. Each country had its own colour on its cars. German cars were white, French were light blue, British were dark green and Italian were – you guessed it – this scarlet colour that has become so strongly associated with speed and intensity. If you're a Ferrari fan, don't miss our range of Ferrari motifs.

Our wide range

Our range of red wall murals is as infinite as the colour. We have everything from graffiti walls to classic chic patterns and, of course, Asia-influenced wallpapers. Each wallpaper you find here makes a unique impression, considering that both the colour shades and patterns differ. We want to give you the opportunity to find a wallpaper that is suited to your style and stands out from the crowd. Take your time and look through our range of red wall murals. We hope you'll find something you love.
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