Blue wall murals

What happens when light ranging in wavelength between 450 and 495 nanometres meets the human eye? We see the colour blue! Human passion for the colour blue is ages old. Blue was firstRead more used with other colours in cave paintings at the end of the last ice age, and since then its use has skyrocketed. In ancient Egypt, the rich azure lapis lazuli stone was used in jewellery and ornaments. During the Renaissance, the same intense blue stone was used to create a gorgeous ultramarine pigment. At the time, it was one of the most expensive and exclusive pigments the wealthy classes could grasp in their fine white silk gloves. The colour blue is relatively rare in nature, and it was difficult to figure out how to extract blue pigment for a long time. The cost of importing lapis lazuli or blue pigment from the East was so extravagantly high for people in the West that they struggled long and hard to create a synthetic pigment for the colour blue. In the beginning of the 1700s, the chemist Johann Jacob Diesbach succeeded in doing the impossible. Finally Westerners had access to the colour without spending a fortune, and blue eventually became one of the world’s most popular colours.

Blue wall murals make for fantastic interiors

A beautiful sky and a calm sea – two things that truly grant the soul and the senses well-needed relief from a hectic life. So it’s not surprising that sea and sky blues are absolutely the most common colours for bedrooms, from East to West. In feng shui, blue is the colour that conveys a harmonious, calming energy, which in turn contributes to inner relaxation and spiritual healing. We may love all the colours of the rainbow, but together in a room they would probably not create that sense of well-being most of us seek. Another quality of magical, peaceful blue is that it mixes and matches with almost any other colour. Blue is located across from orange on the well-known colour circle. The unusual contrast of these two colours means they are completely complementary. Orange is a very strong colour on its own, so it’s not best as the main colour in a room, but a sky-blue wall mural as an accent wall with strategically placed orange details brings vibrant delight to any space you want to transform. Another fantastic combination is navy blue and shades of white. They work so well together that, with only those two colours in a space, you can create a peaceful countryside or modern seaside mood. Decorate a wall in one of the fantastic ocean scenes we offer to reinforce the mood. For interests beyond the sea, there is much to choose from. We have over 500 motifs in blue themes. How about an accent wall of abstract pastel blues to frame your wall mural? Or wide fields opening to a brilliant summer sky? A favourite here at Photowall is Mirror Sea – an amazing photograph of perfect puffs of white cloud mirrored in the calmest, bluest sea a person could imagine.
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