Turquoise wall murals

Turquoise is one of nature's most beautiful colours. It got its name from the rare mineral of the same name. Turquoise is a calm and down-to-earth colour that is harmonious and comforRead moreting. The colour is associated with purity, quality, luxury and elegance, and turquoise goes very well with other soft warm colours in decor. Try combining turquoise with light beige, warm orange and warmer green tones. A room with turquoise styling details makes many people think of the turquoise blue water of the Mediterranean. It's nice to be reminded of warm beaches and 28ºC water every now and then. Turquoise decor gives you energy and guides you towards positive thoughts.

Turquoise wall murals in offices

Turquoise fits especially well in a room where you need a calm and professional vibe, such as an office. Styling with turquoise in offices signals freshness. The blue hue in turquoise conveys credibility and stability, while the green hues create harmony and tranquillity. This is why the colour is a good fit for both the employees and customers of the company. Turquoise is a colour that goes well with black, white and natural wood. Many visual ergonomists advocate using wood-coloured desks to provide maximum rest for the eyes. You can't go wrong with turquoise on the wall, a desk in wood and black or white desk chairs.

Classic combinations with turquoise wall murals

Other classic combinations with turquoise are black, white, light green and brown. There is naturally no right or wrong when it comes to interior design, and you should not limit yourself to what has been done before. It's important that your room express your personality and your visual language. Turquoise also has associations with the wonderfully blue Mediterranean Sea and is therefore perfect to combine with natural material such as stone or drift wood and green plants as styling details. Start by paying attention to how turquoise makes you feel and where your thoughts take you. Listen to your heart when creating your design.

Wall murals in turquoise

Photowall's selection of turquoise wall murals includes everything from tropical beaches to turquoise blue icicles and the Brooklyn Bridge in turquoise with a black-as-night background. Are you the kind of person who just loves the tropics and daydreams about warm climates? Then there's no doubt turquoise is for you. There are other motifs as well if you prefer the big city nightlife. In other words, if you like turquoise, check out our vast range. We’re confident you’ll find something you like.
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