Brown wall murals

Chosen by the ancient Greeks and Leonardo Da Vinci. Measure red, black and yellow – or red, yellow and blue – into a bowl and stir. What do you get? The colours combine to create a neRead morew colour – brown. This serene colour has been a beloved choice for ten thousand years. The pigment umber was first used for its high content of iron oxide and manganese oxide. Later, the ancient Greeks produced a red-brown pigment from a species of cuttlefish. Leonardo Da Vinci and Raphael used the pigments in their art during the Renaissance, and it is still used by artists today.

A brown wall mural affects us

Stability, calm, honesty, warmth, elegance and safety are some of the many qualities the colour brown symbolizes. At Photowall, we believe most people can agree that we all need a few of these qualities in our lives, and it is only natural and logical to let the colour brown bring these qualities into our homes with a stylish wall mural. Brown as a colour is neither dramatic nor loud. It doesn’t need the limelight. It is a colour that makes a beautiful background because it is always around us. When its season, autumn, settles slowly in at the end of the year, we are never caught off guard or surprised. The colour carries stability. It soothes our eyes and our peace of mind. No matter how intense or dominant the colour is, it never takes over completely. It is a forgiving colour, a warm colour that will always hug you like a good friend, no matter your mood.

Styling with a brown wall mural

Whether you prefer the ease of a country style, the surety of a modern and timeless look, or the nonchalance of bohemian decor, you’ll always find the colour brown in a hue that suits you. The lighting of the space you want to transform determines how the brown nuances will be perceived. Cool, grey-toned nuances can still feel cosy and warm, making the colour easy to work with and around. Other shades of brown can be compact, bold and bordering on golden. Caramel brown is a favourite of many, which makes sense. It is dark enough to make an impression, yet not so dark as to make the space feel drab or unsettled. Caramel brown is absolutely best in a space surrounded by dark red, bright green, and orange details. Retro Circles is one of our wall murals that perfectly expresses the caramel brown colour. Spice Patches I – an even more versatile brown wall mural, with an endless range of nuances and hues at play – is another real favourite here at Photowall. Consider a brown wall mural if you want a space to radiate warmth and stability, or create a firm foundation for the remaining decor. The versatility of brown is one of its absolutely greatest strengths. It means you can use it wherever in your home. Anywhere from the popular living room and the stimulating home office to the discreetly hidden walk-in closet. We think brown is an amazing colour.
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