Sports wall murals can be a lot of fun in a den or lounge area for those who enjoy the active life. Our quality, customiseable wallpapers feature Olympic athletes, teams, and more. ReRead morepresented among the sports are football, skateboarding, hockey, snowboarding, skiing, and BMX. Whether you are a fan or an enthusiastic participant, this touch of wall personalisation is sure to please your eye and lift your spirits each time you encounter it. Whether used as motivation to get out and be active or as a nostalgia piece to remember favourite moments from games watched or played, our wallpapers can be sized just right for any wall.


Our BMX collection of wallpapers showcases a figure on a BMX bike in natural settings and at the skate park doing a range of active leaps. You can pick sunset, sunrise or bright blue daylight scenes for whichever room you would like to hang the wall mural in. Fans of the BMX sport will be able to recognize the specific manoeuvrers as shown in the wall mural and can have their pick of favourite scenarios to ponder or re-enact. There are also mountain biking scenes combining nature with athletic daring. Skateboarding silhouettes against city skylines and ramps show how the sport is meant to be done and are a great option in various colours and levels of detail. Backgrounds with and without the sport depicted can take you to the heart of the game from the viewpoint of the player! Relax in a comfortable chair and plan your next move or create your fantasy football or hockey team in the comfort of your own home with a sport themed wall mural.


Our snowboarding and skiing selection offers breathtaking views of mountains and clear blue sky with athletes deftly cutting through the snow in ways that almost defy the laws of physics! Football wall murals come in bright colours with abstract designs and patterns, which make a perfect complement to any fan's wall. Nothing says home as much as a wallpaper that has meaning to you. You will also find hockey, baseball, basketball and more depicted by colour versions of the fields they are played on - abstract as well as concrete.

Wonderful rooms with Sports wall murals

At some point in our lives, we have been involved with sports. By definition, sports includes all competitive physical activity or games which aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while having fun and entertainment. During those days, you even collected and kept various souvenir items. Examples are team flags, jersey, mascot stuffed toys, pictures, posters, and many others. These items were even displayed in your room to remind you of the days you played the sport or cheered for your favorite team. These days, decorating your room should not be that complicated. You can add a sporty atmosphere in your room with Sports - themed wall murals. These are some of the wonderful collection of Photowall that can instantly make a statement to your room. You need not worry about collecting different memorabilia. All you need is a little imagination, creativity, and of course the wall mural of your choice. Happy decorating!
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