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Spirituality & Religion



Spirituality & Religion

If the thought of having a meaningful piece of art in a prominent place on your wall sounds appealing, look no further than our wall murals. There are prints of works by Michelangelo Read moreCaravaggio, Sandro Boticcelli, Gustave Dore and other great masters available. If you like wallpaper with a spiritual sentiment, there are also depictions of famous biblical scenes and stories by the same masters, and for the more esoteric-inclined, you can find Buddha, Zen sayings, peace symbols and affirmations of hope and serenity. Calm is still something that is possible in this busy world.

The Masters

Wall murals by the masters include Hendrik Balen's Feast of the Gods, Hubert Eyck's Virgin Mary, Sandro Botticelli's Lamentation of Christ, and Antoine Le Nain's Adoration of the Shepherds. You can enjoy these in your own home, in whatever size you may wish upon your wall with our wallpaper murals. Religious scenes can be a way of keeping in touch with the important ideas of your faith. Mythological black-and-white prints can show the struggles all humans must experience. Symbolic abstracts are also available showing symbols of peace, love, freedom, nirvana and other gentle ideas of the spiritual life. Wouldn't it be nice to have such a thoughtful piece of art as a conversation piece the next time you have friends round for tea?

Modern Zen

There are a variety of Buddha wallpapers in colours to match any decor and high-quality photograph and painting styles too. It is said that images of Buddha are considered to be calming. For a peaceful image to meditate to, you might try the Zen in black sand mural or perhaps our wallpaper showing the historical Kyoto Gates in Japan. There are positive statements with beautiful backgrounds, such as "I will be glad" or the one reminding you of the most basic mantra "OM". Great spiritual buildings are also available such as the Taj Mahal, Japanese gardens, or statue of liberty. Your home should be a quiet retreat from the stresses and cares of the world, what better way to introduce peace and calm back into your life than through a wall mural which speaks to your heart?
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