To lend your wall decoration more meaning, it is vital to know the history and facts about the subject because it will make displaying it so much more fun and informative. Photowall hRead moreas an excellent selection of themes with regard to geography, for example. Michigan wall murals are a very concrete and fascinating example of this. Michigan was colonized by the French in the 17th century, with the state's name possibly coming from the French version of the Ojibwe word "meshi-gami" which means big lake, or "michi–gama", a Chippewa phrase meaning large lake. This all makes sense once you know the fact that no matter where you stand in Michigan, you will never be farther than 130 kilometers from one of the Great Lakes. Michigan wall murals have all the style, visual weight and colour combinations you can want to fix up your home, office or recreational space. Photowall also allows you to alter these Michigan wall murals in order for them to match, or contrast, your existing interior design and colour schemes.

First bit of trivia

Many people are still surprised to learn that Detroit is not actually the state capital of Michigan. This honor goes to the city of Lansing, which was chosen to be the state capital not by reputation, but more out of frustration. In 1847, the state constitution of Michigan required that the capital be moved from Detroit, and it was such an arduous process that Lansing was finally chosen just in order to finally end the debate. You can pay tribute or share this factoid with your family and friends when you show them amazing Michigan wall murals like "Lansing Michigan Skyline Black". As you can see, these Michigan wall murals come in different colours, allowing you to acquire several which all feature the remarkable Michigan State Capitol.

Michigan wall murals' main player

The one thing that most of us first think upon hearing the word Michigan is Detroit, which is also the state's most populous and known metropolis. In Michigan wall murals, you can see that the so-called Motor City, or "Motown" for short, has plenty of iconic sights to decorate your interiors with. It is also no wonder that the big three of the automobile industry, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, have called this place their home for a very long time already. There are plenty of items to choose from, with noticeable structures such as Detroit’s Masonic Temple, for example, featured and given spotlight to. You can see this specific building in Michigan wall murals like "Detroit Michigan Skyline Rainbow". This illustration's various hues and tones makes it a flexible and ideal decoration tool for your residential, recreational or even corporate space. If you are curious about the tallest building in Detroit, look no further than the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center, which stands 222 meters high. Its 73 stories are completely dedicated to the hotel, making this the tallest hotel building in the Western Hemisphere! Michigan wall murals featuring this landmark can transform your interior design instantly and make you feel at least another meter taller as well.

Beauty of water

We all love different bodies of water, one of which is the fascinating waterfall. Although Michican is more known for being surrounded by the Great Lakes, there are plenty of waterfalls in the state that can be visited and admired. You can use these Michigan wall murals as motivation to perhaps make that trip to this state some day in the future. You would certainly like something such as "Bond Falls dressed in Autumn colors", for instance. While Photowall's Michigan wall murals section features mostly many fascinating urban scenes, a touch of nature can bring some freshness and a more relaxed vibe into your interiors. It is no wonder that the locals refer to the Bond Falls as one of the most picturesque falls in the Midwest of Michigan. Many people enjoy this spot for hiking, photography, enjoying a picnic or simply relaxing and taking in the glorious scenery. "Miners Falls Michigan" is another Michigan wall mural that can deliver Mother Earth's beauty to your wall decoration.
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