Louisiana is a state in the deep South and Central regions of the United States. It has the State of Texas to the West, Arkansas to the North, Mississippi to the East, and the Gulf ofRead more Mexico to the South. A huge portion of its Eastern boundary is marked by the Mississippi River. Louisiana is the only state in the United States with subdivisions that are termed as parishes, the nomenclature equivalent of counties, making it the only other state, other than Alaska, not to have its divisions named as counties. Photowall pays tribute to this colorful and diverse Southern state with its own collection of Lousiana wall murals. These Louisiana wall murals depict this fine state as it is recognized by the rest of the world. Hang a few of these Louisiana wall murals on the walls of your living room and let the spirit of this great metropolitan capital imbue the space with its vigor and vitality. Your loved ones and guests will feel as though they have made the journey to this amazing locale with all these Louisiana wall murals all around them. You will have their eternal gratitude for having the prudence of displaying these fine Louisiana wall murals in their line of sight. There is practically no room or wall in your home that cannot be energized by these Louisiana wall murals. Let these Louisiana wall murals be a mainstay in your home.

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The state capital of the State of Louisiana is the City of Baton Rogue. Its largest city is New Orleans. Through the years, New Orleans has won for itself the name among tourists and locals alike as The Big Easy. A large portion of Louisiana’s land was formed from sediment that washed down from the Mississippi River, leaving behind massive swatches of deltas and regions of coastal marshes and swampland. Photowall lets you be part of the history with “New Orleans Louisiana Skyline” and “New Orleans Louisiana Skyline Black” in its unique collection of Louisiana wall murals. These examples of Louisiana wall murals showcase the capital city as it is celebrated by the entire country. Hang a few of these Louisiana wall murals in your private study or mini-library and imagine you are one of its founding fathers, plotting out the destiny of this magnificent state. You may also want to display these Louisiana wall murals in your hallways, to give this dreary space a sense of purpose and inertia. Make the act of traversing from room to room an exercise in festiveness and frolic with these amazing Louisiana wall murals. These Louisiana wall murals are a surefire hit in your urban dwelling.

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The marshlands and swamps in Louisiana contain a rich and diverse biota. Some of the most common are birds such as Ibises and Egrets. Tree frogs and fish, like the sturgeon and paddlefish, also proliferate these lush and fertile regions. In areas with higher elevations, fire is a common natural occurrence and has resulted in the creation of areas that support the growth of such flora as Long Leaf Pine and other prolific plant growth. Photowall allows you to see the big picture with “New Orleans Street Map”, and “New Orleans City Street Map” in its remarkable selection of Louisiana wall murals. Hang a few of these Louisiana wall murals in your recreation areas to make you feel as though you’re vacationing in this fine and exhilarating southern state. Your moments of grown-up amusement will never be as engaging as when you have these Louisiana wall murals around you. You could even place these Louisiana wall murals in your lounging areas to fill the space with a relaxed and playful vibe.

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Louisiana boasts of having more Native American tribes within its borders than any other American State. Many of this fine state’s urban environments are a hodgepodge of multicultural and multilingual cultures. This owes to the fact that the entire area is strongly influenced by a mixture of French, Spanish, Native American, and African cultures. Photowall gives you more of the progress and development with “Map of New Orleans” and “Batton Rouge Map” its magnificent collection of Louisiana wall murals. Hang these Louisiana wall murals atop your bed, in your sleeping quarters, and feel like you are closing your eyes on one of the most exciting and unique states in America. Let these wonderful Louisiana wall murals fill your dreams with images of festivals and fetes. Your moments of slumber will never be as peaceful and energizing as when you have these amazing Louisiana wall murals in your room. These Louisiana wall murals are manufactured from materials that are guaranteed to be safe to exist inside your home, and safe to be around your kids.
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