Get yourself a piece of the so-called Peach State as the focal of your interior design. These Georgia wall murals by Photowall can change the entire appearance of a room. Our high in Read morequality and richly detailed motifs come in different forms and hues, paying their respect to this amazing state. The state of Georgia gained its moniker because it was a prolific producer of peaches, mostly grown in its central region. The stone fruit even appears on license plates, billboards and road signs up to this day. You would be surprised to know that it is actually a bit of a misnomer as Georgia now makes more money from producing pecans and cabbages than peaches. Another interesting facet to Georgia wall murals is that you might spot a few familiar streets and buildings during your perusing. Generous tax incentives have boosted Georgia’s movie-making industry and has made it one of the top three film hubs along with New York and Los Angeles. Bring beauty, history and glamour to your walls with our selection of superb Georgia wall murals. As per usual, you can alter your selected items to fit your overall aesthetic or individual colour schemes.

Georgia wall murals and its capital

Atlanta was not only the hot spot for civil rights, it has also become a major influence in many industries and pop culture, which makes it ideal for an inspiration in the shape of Georgia wall murals. The city's skyline is a very varied and interesting horizon to look at. With structures such as the so-called King and Queen Buildings, or locally known as "the King and Queen towers", these two regal buildings can be seen for miles. The interesting names come from their resemblance to the heads of chess pieces. The tops of the buildings boast white lattice crowns, which light up for special occasions including St. Patrick’s Day. See if you can spot them in Georgia wall murals such as "Atlanta Georgia Skyline Black". This dramatic piece is rendered in beautiful and classic black and white, ideal for any living room or even the meeting space in your workplace. Another famous building is the Symphony Tower, more commonly known as the "Batman Building" because of its wing-like glass faces above the roof of the building. It is also omnipresent in Georgia wall murals, making your space truly a sight to behold if you choose this as the main visual attraction.

Gorgeous secondary

A rather quaint town located in Northeast Georgia, Athens is actually a city of college pride, artsy venues and some great music. In Georgia wall murals, you can see some of its iconic buildings and monuments to make your walls more appealing and interesting. In the set of "Athens Georgia Skyline", you can find unique designs matched by amazing colour schemes that pay host to venues such as the Sanford Stadium. This is the on-campus playing venue for football at the University of Georgia in. The 92,746-seat stadium is 11th largest stadium in the United States and the 17th-largest such stadium in the world! The view of Georgia's campus and rolling hills from the open west end-zone has led many to refer to it as college football's "most beautiful on-campus stadium". Make this part of your interior decoration with our beautiful array of Georgia wall murals.

Coloured past in Georgia wall murals

When Europeans first arrived in 1540 when Hernando de Soto and his men were hunting for gold, various tribes of Native Americans lived throughout the area which is now Georgia. However, it was only when James Oglethorpe founded a British colony in 1733, which would later become the city of Savannah, that this land was inhabited permanently by European settlers. The American Revolution and the Civil War took their toll but the Peach State persevered. Grit, moxie and strength are just some of the traits Georgia wall murals can also provide you with. Even though it took Georgia many years to rebuild after the destruction of Civil War, nowadays it is a vibrant state with one of the world's leading cities in Atlanta. You will see plenty of the state's capital in Georgia wall murals.
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