North Carolina

Photowall has an excellent collection of North Carolina wall murals which shed a light on this state which possesses a rather obscure and unique epithet. The origin of this place's niRead moreckname is mysterious, though most historians agree that the name derives from North Carolina's long history as a producer of naval stores, which are tar, pitch, rosin and turpentine, all of which were culled from the State's extensive pine forests. It was this industry which gave to North Carolina its most famous and used nickname, "Tar Heel State". A fast-growing state with highly productive pockets such as the Research Triangle, which is a 7,000-acre office park that’s home to more than 200 companies such as Cisco, IBM and Novartis, along with numerous startups. North Carolina combines natural beauty with technological innovation and a high quality of life. You will see both in our North Carolina wall murals. You can also request modifications to your selected items to complement your interior design and colour schemes.

True beauty

While there are mostly vibrant cities present in North Carolina wall murals, there is also a healthy amount of nature. Lake Mattamuskeet, for example, is the largest natural lake in North Carolina. The lake is a favorite wintering spot for migratory birds in the Atlantic Flyway. North Carolina wall murals like "Dawn at Lake Mattamuskeet" showcase the state's wonderful scenery. This particular piece will revamp your space instantly, bringing the allure and positive vibes of Mother Earth right into your home or office. "Lighthouse in North Carolina" is another North Carolina wall mural that carries with it a calming feel and a soothing presence, ideal for any residential room. A lighthouse is often used as symbol for hope and positivity, something which can be a very welcoming sight upon entering the workplace. As a matter of fact, North Carolina wall murals like this are a feast for the eyes in an any setting.

North Carolina wall murals main feature

Raleigh, even though only the second largest city in North Carolina, is the state capital. It is home to 57 completed high-rises, 11 of which stand taller than 75 meters and 28 which stand taller than 45 meters. The tallest building in Raleigh is the 32-story PNC Plaza, which rises 164 meters tall and was completed in 2008. You can spot it in North Carolina wall murals such as "Raleigh North Carolina Skyline", a significant and wonderfully colourful piece that will give life and vibrancy to your residence or place of work. Americans like to rank cities by the people that work there, and Raleigh seems to always be on top or somewhere high up. Folks in Raleigh represent the epitome of southern charm, since everything you love about the South can be found in this city and among it's wonderful people. This particular set of North Carolina wall murals shows off the metropolis and its horizon in the most wonderful and artistic light.

The Queen City

Charlotte was named in honor of the German princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who had become the Queen Consort of Great Britain and Ireland in 1761, seven years before the town's incorporation, hence also the nickname "Queen City". The tallest building in North Carolina is in Charlotte, the Bank of America Corporate Center which contains 60 floors and is more than 250 meters tall! You can view this incredible structure in North Carolina wall murals such as "Charlotte North Carolina Skyline". Interestingly, the first gold rush in the United States took place in western and central North Carolina. Almost overnight, Charlotte went from a small town to a booming metropolis due to this, with many of the tunnels are still hiding beneath Charlotte’s outskirts. "Charlotte North Carolina Skyline Black" is a North Carolina wall mural that feels like a throwback to that era due to its black and white tones.
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