The state of Alabama can now be the focal point of your interior decoration. Photowall's Alabama wall murals will give your room that texture and colour it needs. While we peruse thisRead more tier, you will learn many new things which you can share with people who will ask you as to why you have Alabama wall murals. The state itself was named after the Alabama River, which got its name from the Indian tribe that lived in the territory during the early days. "Alabama" is a combination of two Choctaw words meaning vegetation, or plants, and gatherer, or picker. The original inhabitants of what you can see in Alabama wall murals farmed and thus cleared the land, making the almost direct translation of "vegetation gatherers" a pretty accurate description. Known as the Yellowhammer State primarily, one of its most famous aspects is the Confederate flag which was first developed and flown in Alabama. Home to many significant cities, you will Alabama wall murals that display history and modernity at the same time. Perhaps your images can serve as an inspiration to make the trip to the state someday, or even a reminder if you have already been.

The capital in Alabama wall murals

The city of Montgomery is mainly known for its contributions to jazz and country music and its cultural importance in the fight for civil rights. Throughout Alabama wall murals, you will also partially see the numerous amount of landmarks and historic architecture of Montgomery. Laden with history and culture, it is quite easy to see the appeal of the metropolis. While the East Side is the fastest-growing section of the city, with several large shopping centers, national retailers and residential developments, there are plenty of areas that still retain that small-town charm. "Montgomery Alabama Skyline" is a beautiful Alabama wall mural that can really change the entire look of your interiors. The always welcome and classy combination of black and white tones will give your room that sophisticated yet grungy look. An Alabama wall mural such as this can look as good in the hallway at home as it can in the meeting room at the office. Even teenagers will dig the cool vibe this Alabama wall mural emanates, and it might even make them interested in the geography and history of this famous city.

The Port City

Mobile, Alabama is not just the 9th largest port in the United States but also one of its busiest, with the city's port also host to the well-known Carnival Cruise Lines Ship, Carnival Sensation. Aside from this nod to modernity, Mobile is actually the first city in the state of Alabama, dating back to 1702. This combination of modernity and massive history makes Alabama wall murals featuring Mobile a great Asset! The Port City houses the tallest building of the state of Alabama as well. Simply known as the RSA Battle House Tower, it is owned Retirement Systems of Alabama, hence the name. Standing at a massive 227 meters, it is the tallest on the Gulf Coast of the United States outside Houston. You can easily spot it in Alabama wall murals like "Mobile Alabama Skyline". This colourful and vibrant panorama will really change the mood in your interiors. The solid white background allows the dynamic colours to pop and turn your wall decoration into something fierce and memorable.

Alabama wall murals of Birmingham

Many people think that Birmingham is actually the state capital because it is largest. Despite it being the site of 66 high-rises, Birmingham is actually a leader in urban green spaces. Thousands of wooded acres for biking and hiking are within minutes of downtown in area parks, something that can translate beautifully into your interior design. Combine Alabama wall murals featuring Birmingham with plants or wooden furniture for a really cool look. The tallest building in the city is the 34-story Wells Fargo Tower at 138 meters, which is now known as the Shipt Tower after renovations in 2019. See if you can spot it in Alabama wall murals like "Birmingham Alabama Skyline". Coming in different variations, this Alabama wall mural allows you to play around with your interior design. The different colors provide a platform for you to experiment with various interior design styles, ranging from post-modern to the always iconic vintage look.
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