Roads & Highways

All roads lead to Rome, and he walked a long and winding road…roads are a vital part of our culture, and have been throughout history. Rome could not have conquered half the world if Read morethey had not built the best roads the world had ever seen, and in most people’s eyes, a long road has a romantic appeal. The thrill of the wide-open road before you, with nothing to do but see where it takes you, is universal. Why not bring the open road home with you, with a wall mural.

The open road

Have you ever driven down an empty road in farming country? It’s the most peaceful thing you could ever imagine, just you and your car, and the wheels singing on the tarmac. Or perhaps you’ve chanced a mountain pass, clinging to your steering wheel with a thousand-foot drop just metres away, your heart pounding in your chest like a trapped bird. Drive slowly on a weathered road in an ancient forest, and think about what the trees have seen. Roads are wells of emotion, and travelling them can take us to unexpected places. Take those feelings home with a wallpaper from the road and highway-themed collection.

Into the city

Every street in every city is unique, and they all have something special to show you. From the ancient homes of London to the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles, there’s always something new to see. With wall murals you can send your imagination on a journey to some of the most beautiful, exotic roads in the world.


Roads are an inspiration to artists and photographers. Some take pictures of traffic at night, preserving forever the ephemeral beauty of streaks of light, caught in a moment as they swept past. Others take pictures of famous people on famous roads, such as the Beatles crossing Abbey Road, possibly the most famous picture of the Beatles ever taken. Every photograph of Piccadilly Circus is a moment of history, captured forever. Make a moment of history yours forever with wallpapers from Photowall.

Bring the world home

With our selection of wall murals, you can bring the power of the open road into any room. A road picture will immediately give an impression of size to any room, while a road leading into a sunset will bring vital colour to a bland design. Bring a touch of the outside world into your home with a wall mural.
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