Oklahoma is a word that was concocted by a Native American missionary named Allen Wright, who combined two Choctaw words with "ukla" meaning person and "humá" meaning red, to form tRead morehe word that is now also known as the Sooner State. Photowall has an excellent lineup of beautiful Oklahoma posters that can act as a wonderful focal point in your decoration, no matter if the space you want to embellish is residential, corporate or recreational. This area of the United States of America is one of the few where there is still such a strong remnant of its Native American heritage. Oklahoma is home to 55 distinct Indian tribes with each of these tribes having its own language or dialect. This variety is also mirrored in Oklahoma posters, which can be altered to fit or contrast with other decorative elements, such as colour schemes, interior design and the overall aesthetic.

The capital in Oklahoma posters

The Cinderella City was recently lauded as a haven for millennials on the job hunt, based on population size, unemployment rate, median housing cost, average income and the accessibility to acquiring a business loan. These factors plus the low cost of living in Oklahoma City have placed it in the midst of a financial, architectural, social and cultural renaissance. Oklahoma posters will also show that due to the boom of the past twenty years, this metropolis' Bricktown entertainment district has seen the emergence of not only the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark and The Bricktown Canal, but also several skyscrapers like the Devon Tower. You can see the tallest building in the city in Oklahoma posters like Oklahoma City Skyline. It stands more than 250 meters above the ground and was completed only in 2012 to a cost of $750 million! Then there is also the Chase Tower which was previously known as the Liberty Tower and the Bank One Tower. Oklahoma City Skyline Black is an Oklahoma poster that showcases this piece on the horizon in a more dramatic and edgy fashion, something perhaps for the foyer at home or the break room in the office.

A quick trip through history

As already hinted at, before the Europeans arrived in Oklahoma, many Native American tribes lived throughout the land. French explorer Robert de La Salle claimed the land for the French in the 17th century, who then established fur trading posts along the rivers in the region. In 1803, the United States bought a large region of land west of the Mississippi River from the French for $15 million which was called the Louisiana Purchase and included the state of Oklahoma. After the Civil War, Oklahoma became part of the American frontier where it really became the land of cowboys and Indians. If you are a fan of this history, or indeed of the old legends of the so-called Wild West, get yourself an Oklahoma poster to put up in your room. These motifs will transform your space visually and can be the subject of great conversation. Oklahoma posters can also act as inspiration to visit this great state someday.

Tulsa in Oklahoma posters

Interestingly, Tulsa's establishment even predates Oklahoma's statehood! The city has been called the buckle of the Bible Belt, they even have a sculpture of two near 20 meters praying hands marking the entrance to the campus of Oral Roberts University, an obviously ultra-conservative Christian institution. In Oklahoma posters like Tulsa Oklahoma Skyline you will find significant buildings such as the BOK Tower, which has been described as fascinating, overwhelming and giant. Colossal would perhaps be the most correct because this skyscraper with its 203 meters of height was the tallest building in Oklahoma and four surrounding states until 2011 when the previously mentioned Devon Tower was built.
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