Aside from embellishing your interiors with beauty and style, categories by Photowall such as Kansas posters are also a great learning tool. This state has been known by a number of dRead moreifferent nicknames, but the most popular being the Sunflower State. Their native wild sunflower grows in and around the state which was then also named the official flower in 1903. Bring this quality and a bit of artistic sunshine into your residential, recreational and even corporate space with these fine Kansas posters. Transform your dull and plain walls into a memorable and gorgeous space by mixing and matching the motifs we provide for you. With plenty of great places to choose from, select the cities that appeal most to you out of these Kansas posters. Amaze your family, friends and visitors not only with the beauty of these Kansas posters, but also your inside knowledge and fascination with the subject at hand. If you choose to do so, you can always have edits applied to your selected items in order for them to suit your existing interior design or your planned aesthetic.

Kansas posters and a bit of trivia

For the majority of people, there is a stereotype about Kansas consisting entirely of farms, but with over 88 percent of the available land in the state being used for farming, it is actually a fact. Nonetheless, the Sunflower State is growing and becoming more modern every year. Kansas posters will reflect and show you that development in a superb fashion. Aside from that, Kansas posters also acts as sort of homage to this state's incredible history. For example, more Civil War casualties took place in Kansas than in any other state of the Union! This means your Kansas posters not only stand for visual appeal but also are somehow a remnant of when people stood up for what is right and just. As for the name itself, Kansas is believed to be named after a Native American tribe whose name meant "people of the wind". With Kansas posters, you can also bring the wind of change into your interior decoration.

History lesson

Speaking of amazing history, the first European to arrive in Kansas was Spanish explorer Francisco de Coronado in 1541, but it was Frenchman Robert Cavelier de Las Salle in 1682 who claimed control of the land for France. The famed Louisiana Purchase in 1803 then transferred over Kansas to the United States of America and by the mid-1800s, hundreds of thousands of settlers traveled through Kansas on their way out west. Kansas posters can help you understand and inform other about this important piece of American history. In order to help keep the travelers safe, the United States set up forts along the famed Santa Fe Trail and the Oregon Trail. Over time, towns naturally grew up around these forts and many travelers stopped in Kansas, making it their home. You can also make it your home with Kansas posters that will speak to you and help you relax.

An iconic city in Kansas posters

Perusing these categories by Photowall, you will quickly realize that a city's skyline is its calling card, a trademark silhouette instantly recognizable by anyone familiar with the major features. The same goes for these amazing Kansas posters that feature the different cities in the Sunflower State. A concrete example of this would be the Kansas posters that present Wichita. In Kansas posters like Wichita Kansas Skyline you will see iconic buildings such as the Epic Center which was added to the Wichita skyline in 1989. The distinctive, diamond-shaped roof was designed by Kansas architect, Sidney Smith Platt, who also designed the nearby Garvey Center. When you use Kansas posters that focus on Wichita, you will see plenty of this amazing structure.
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