When you hear the word Florida, the mind immediately jumps to scenes on the beach because everyone knows Miami is the playground for the rich and famous. Others might be inclined to tRead morehink that it is the retirement home of elderly in the United States of American and home of Walt Disney World. Our collection of Florida posters, however, will show that this state has so much more to offer. It is nonetheless true that it is a very popular vacation spot since places like Key West have the hottest weather in the country. Even more amazing is that no matter where you are in Florida, you are never more than 95 kilometers away from the ocean, as you will see in plenty of Florida posters. Therefore, it is no wonder that it is called The Sunshine State! From the magical sunsets on the Gold Coast by the Gulf of Mexico to the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Florida offers plenty of fun in the sea, and more. Catch the ocean breeze and those amazing colours in Florida posters by Photowall.

Fun in the sun

Speaking of natural delights, you may be surprised to find out that Florida is actually home to the third largest coral reef in the world. The Great Florida Reef is the only living coral barrier reef in the United States of America and the third largest in the world after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Belize Barrier Reef. "Beach in Islamorada in Florida Keys, USA" can be the perfect gateway to this wonder in the form of your own Florida poster. This motif will give you beach vibes throughout the year, no matter what the weather is outside. The northernmost island of the Florida Keys archipelago is the diving capital for a good reason. Home to amazing sights like the Christ of the Abyss statue and many shipwrecks, scuba divers are full of praise about what the Florida waters have to offer. Give yourself a little taste and preview of this in the shape of our excellent Florida posters.

The history in Florida posters

Many different Native American tribes lived throughout the land that is now Florida before the first European arrived in 1513, which was Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, who was searching for the legendary Fountain of Youth! The first real European settlement, however, was established by French Protestants in 1564 who were led by French explorer Rene de Laudonniere and built Fort Caroline near current day Jacksonville. This city is also featured in our array of beautiful Florida posters. A year later, in 1565, the Spanish built a fort at St. Augustine which is the oldest permanent settlement in the United States. After many wars between the Spanish and the British, the Seminole Indians and the United States, and losing the Civil War, Florida was readmitted into the Union in 1868. With Florida posters, you will not only have a pretty view, but also a representation of a place full of history.

A special section

Despite being the capital of Florida and having two large universities within the city, Tallahassee is actually very laid-back, which makes it even more attractive. This is also partially why Photowall has assembled a smaller tier of Florida posters dedicated to its capital. Tallahassee is one of the only cities in Florida that actually has seasons. As you will see in Florida posters, you can take a step into history with items such as Tallahassee Florida Skyline, where you can see grandiose and historic buildings. With unique designs and rich colour combinations, you will find yourself craving for Florida posters that feature this vibrant and at the same time idyllic city.
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