Film and Tv

Our assortment of film & TV wall murals is sure to bring about plenty of emotions, as these motifs cover the whole spectrum of visual entertainment. These top-drawer items can be usedRead more in practically every type of room, whether you choose it for your home, the office or any other personal space you wish to beautify. Well-placed film & TV wall murals carry a lot of visual weight and interest, revolutionizing a space from the regular into the remarkable. With our tremendous range of variety in themes, designs and styles, you have the world of televised images at your feet.

Different strokes for different folks

The diversity in our film & TV wall murals array is so substantial that every age, interest and background will be catered to. Our various subcategories have been arranged conveniently for you, making your research easy on the eyes and quickly specific. Film & TV wall murals consists of Actors & Actresses, Animation, Classics, Cult, Musical and Vintage Films. You are assured to find the optimal pick for your designing plans.

Icons in film & TV wall murals

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you hear or read about television and the movies? Logically, it is the people who portray the characters on the screen. This is why we have amassed top-notch images of legendary actors and actresses in our film & TV wall murals. Whether you prefer real-life photographs or artistic renderings, we have all the silver screen legends represented in both. The men might like The Outlaw Josey Wales - Color in their man-cave or office, a very cool picture of the one and only Clint Eastwood in full cowboy mode. Meanwhile the women could favor a work of art named Girl Next Door, which shows the solitary Audrey Hepburn in an imaginative collage of clippings, stickers and printed materials.

Something for the kiddies

Animation is a visually engaging section, especially for young children. Perfect for your child's bedroom, or the kids' playroom or study area, these film & TV wall murals bring an element of fun and certainly enjoyment for the young ones into your pegged area. The Paw Patrol is substantially popular and thus represented numerously. PAW Patrol - Off Duty will surely delight any youngster as it depicts all his or her favourite characters of the show in one vibrant and blooming illustration. The Moomins is also quite beloved, especially in Scandinavia, and has lots of amusing portrayals in our film & TV wall murals collection.

Musical film & TV wall murals

Music plays a huge part in our investment in motion pictures, as it can dictate the mood and our own disposition towards the stories and roles we watch. Musicals combine the magical elements of both visual and audile worlds that fascinate and capture our hearts. Mission from God has got that marvelous nostalgic feel to it, which would suit any living room or hallway with its rendering of the Blues Brothers in gorgeous sketch. We also have film & TV wall murals of the King himself, Elvis Presley, doing his signature pose and exuding his famous charm. Bring the appeal and enchantment of the cinema into your desired space!

Retro posters

Old-school posters are another fashionable item if you are planning to deck out your home or office with a swanky embellishment. There are plenty of options in our film & TV wall murals series, such as Movie Poster Casablanca, one of the most recognizable films ever, with Humphrey Bogart's and Ingrid Bergman's immortal partnership at the forefront. It would make an incredible centerpiece for a cinephile's room, an intriguing inclusion in a stylish foyer or even something beguiling in the office common room.
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