If you want a little action and mystery in your life, we recommend Photowall's film noir wall murals. The stories in the noir genre of film are often done so well and suspenseful thatRead more they still hold weight for today’s audience, still thrilling us and giving us a little rush of blood to the heart. We have an excellent lineup of film noir wall murals that will bring that elusive element into your space with magnificent scenes. The plot points and narrative devices of this type of movie are all raw and primal, where the simplicity and the themes never grow old and make them timeless. Noir is so compelling because it is average people in these extraordinary situations. Film noir is essentially blue-collar Greek tragedy, which is also reflected in film noir wall murals where there is plenty of drama and incredible characters. You will also see the trademarks of this genre in film noir wall murals, enticing you with their charm and beauty. Your interiors will benefit massively from these images, equipping your walls with style, class and that little hint of danger we all like.

Tropes of the genre

One of the most enduring aspects of this film genre is the so-called femme fatale. One of the most famous examples is the legendary Rita Hayworth. Best known for her performance in Gilda, she was actually born Margarita Carmen Cansino in Brooklyn, New York. You might not be able to distinguish in film noir wall murals but her trademark red hair was originally dark brown. Hayworth’s well-known pin up photo from Life magazine was one of the most popular pin ups for American servicemen serving overseas in World War II. Photowall's film noir wall murals have a couple of items that showcase Rita Hayworth's incredible beauty and magnetic screen presence. Her charisma and allure will make any room more appealing and interesting. A film noir wall mural like "Gilda - Glenn Ford and Rita Hayworth", rendered in classic black and white, will look superb in any home or office.

Film noir wall murals origins

Film noir literally means "black film" or "black cinema", which was coined by a French film critic named Nino Frank in 1946. He noticed the trend of how dark, downbeat and black the looks and themes were of many American crime and detective films during and following World War II, such as "The Maltese Falcon", "Double Indemnity" and "The Woman in the Window". Since the pioneering pieces of this genre were mostly shot in gloomy grays, blacks and whites, this is also reflected in film noir wall murals like "Enforcer - Humphrey Bogart", a beautiful film still that can be the ideal focal point in your home or even the office. The protagonists in classic film noirs are normally driven by their past or by human weakness to repeat former mistakes, making it a very relatable theme which is why it is popular up to this very day. Interestingly and more often than not, war-time scarcities were the reason for the reduced budgets and thus the shadowy and stark sets which you can see in film noir wall murals. Ironically, it gave them more meaning and hidden symbolism than the higher budgeted fares of comedies in musicals.

Location and

Stunning film noir wall murals can be put practically anywhere and still make a difference. With the majority being in black and white, you will always have a timeless and classy scene at your disposal. Furthermore, since many of our film noir wall murals are portraits, it will give your space an even more personal touch. Family, friends and colleagues will undoubtedly be intrigued by these iconic characters. You can go from a gorgeous picture like "Body And Soul - Lilli Palmer" to a more dynamic scene like "You Only Live Once". The former film noir wall mural shows the prototypical femme fatale in an alluring pose, while the latter inherits the danger we associate with this genre. Either way, both these film noir wall murals will turn your interiors from ordinary to remarkable in an instant.
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