Vintage Films

Ever since the Lumiere brothers created the cinematograph, mankind has been fascinated and enamored by these amazing flickering shadows and the stories they tell. From the simple, blaRead moreck-and-white reels of the silent movie era to the all-out, computer-generated blockbusters of this day, our love affair with all things cinema has always been at the forefront of human culture. Photowall pays homage to this amazing phenomenon in our day by offering its own line of vintage films wall murals. The nearly inexhaustible variety of designs and colors in these vintage films wall murals will guarantee that every movie buff in the family gets his or her fill. Countless hours will be spent gazing at and discussing and reminiscing the wonderful motion pictures being featured in these vintage films wall murals. The true cinephile in all of us will be powerless to resist the allure of these vintage films wall murals. As for the kids, these vintage films wall murals are an ingenious way to develop their tastes and preferences for well-crafted cinema. These vintage films wall murals are also the perfect technique to spark their passions for a world where the only limit is the reach of your imagination. Let these vintage films wall murals open the door to a more exciting and colorful home for you and your family.

Classic in vintage films wall murals

Films first began as a silent medium wherein the dialogue was placed in the subtitles or was considered totally unnecessary. One of the earliest and probably most celebrated superstars of the silent film era was Sir Charles Chaplin. His character The Tramp, with its baggy trousers, cane, and lopsided tophat featured comedic reels that were understood by audiences universally, even without the help of dialogue. Modern critics consider this the purest form of cinema. Photowall honors this pioneering artist with “City Lights”, “Circus”, and “Gold Rush” in its unique collection of vintage films wall murals. With the advent of sound technology, and later on, color, more and more motion pictures were made and the degree of versatility and range that they encompassed became almost endless. Photowall honors these great cinematic achievements with “Laugh Clown Laugh”, “Movie Poster Casablanca”, and “Rebel without a Cause 2” pieces in its magnificent collection of vintage films wall murals. The first one mentioned features the great cinema villain Lon Cheney in his breakout role in a motion picture. The second stars Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in this classic love story, set during the Second World War, which has remained a film classic to this day. And the third one shows the iconic James Dean in the film he will be most remembered for.

Celebrated in vintage films wall murals

Along with these collector’s items, Photowall features numerous iconic images in black and white in its one-of-a-kind collection of vintage films wall murals. Some of these include “Queen Cleopatra” featuring the violet-eyed siren Elizabeth Taylor, and “All About Eve” with the immortal superstar Marilyn Monroe in its breathtaking collection of vintage films wall murals. These vintage films wall murals harken back to the days when the substance and story of the film were the draws for the audience, unlike many outputs of our age where the hype is what matters. Have long discussions with your family about the merits and pitfalls of these iconic examples of cinema that are featured in our vintage films wall murals. It was not simply the great actors who took the center stage in this glittering era but the genius directors as well. These vintage films wall murals preserve these historic achievements for many more years to come and will guarantee that the next generation will have a touchstone on which to anchor their culture.

Memorable and distinct

With the passage of time, directors began to experiment with cinema and its genres. Conventional means of storytelling were replaced with more unorthodox plotlines and abstract images. Some examples of these are “Sons of the Desert”, “Duck Soup-Infographics”, and “Camille” in its breathtaking collection of vintage films wall murals. These fine masterpieces in our vintage films wall murals pushed the envelope in storytelling, cinematography, and production design in its day. These amazing vintage films wall murals, which have flickered across the silver screens in our collective consciousness for decades now, have been a mirror image of human culture, its roots, its present, and where it is going. As William Shakespeare wrote, the true purpose of art is to hold the mirror up to nature, to show it its true form. So have these vintage films wall murals served as documentation of our lives on this Earth and the thousand and one shocks that our species has been heir to. A million years from now, when our civilization has long gone, those who will sift through the ashes will be able to piece together our story through these films. So hurry and grab your own collection of the fine vintage films wall murals today.
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