Fictional Characters

Ever since man first experienced the new wonders of the entertainment world called the motion picture, and later on, the television, there are certain characters that have stuck to thRead moree collective psyche of worldwide audiences. Fictional characters whom we have grown to love and have become no less part of our daily lives as the chores we do while watching them. Photowall pays tribute to these iconic figures in its own line of fictional characters wall murals. These images feature some of the most beloved and cherished characters we have enjoyed in film and television. Transform your home into a veritable film or television studio by hanging a few of these fictional characters wall murals in your living room. The fun and amusement brought into this space will be very obvious once your family and guests keep on finding excuses not to leave this area. Fill your home with the electricity of show business with these fictional characters wall murals all around it. There is no room, wall, or area that these fictional characters wall murals will not look perfect. The more of these images you collect, the greater the fun and excitement factor will ratchet up in your household.

Iconic in fictional characters wall murals

A lot has to happen before a film or a television show can make it from inception to the screen itself. In the case of movies, the script has to be approved, a producer needs to be found, the studio needs to release production funds, and the casting has to be perfect. Even then, things like, scheduling and logistics still come into play. Before a television series is made, a pilot episode has to be submitted for the producers to watch. Based on the strength of this one pilot, it will be decided whether more episodes will be made or if the show will come to nothing. Photowall gives you a taste of life on set with “Mermaid Castle”, “Victorian Wars”, and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” in its wide collection of fictional characters wall murals. The first image depicts the well-loved Ariel in the Disney film The Little Mermaid. The second one is a play on the characters of the iconic motion picture Star Wars, and the third is an image of the celebrated 90s television hit about a quartet of crime-fighting turtles. Let these fictional characters wall murals bring levity and a sense of playfulness to your home.

Celebrated in fictional characters wall murals

It is said that during the production of the first iteration of the film King Kong, thousands of horse tails were used to create the fur of the gargantuan gorilla. The actress Fay Wray played the first hapless maiden that the mighty ape fell in love with, and it is her performance that is constantly being copied by actresses in the future versions. Photowall gives you a glimpse of old Hollywood with “King Kong”, and “King Kong-Fay Wray” in its classic line of fictional characters wall murals. These unique images would look amazing in your recreational rooms. Place them atop your television or home theatre set while you watch the original film, and feel as though you were actually at the premiere screening of this film. Invite your friends and colleagues over to share the experience with you by having them choose which parts of the film they like most. Trade Hollywood trivia with each other and make an afternoon of it while surrounded by these fictional characters wall murals all around you. The hours will fly by unnoticed as you argue and laugh over these amazing images.

Popular and beloved

Hollywood lore has it that the two most successful film directors of our time, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, once served as personal assistants on the film set of legendary Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. This is why most of the stories of these two powerhouses of the industry are rooted in the subjects of this Japanese director’s films. Photowall gives you, even more, to love with “Extra Terrestrial-Henry Thomas”, “Victorian Wars Lord Vadersworth”, and “Victorian Wars Sir Yodington” in its splendid collection of fictional characters wall murals. These images depict some of the characters that have become household names because of their immense popularity. Hang a few of these fictional characters wall murals in your lounging areas and feel the day’s worries and troubles simply fall away. A few of these fictional characters wall murals in the sleep areas and play nooks of your children will fill your little ones with awe and will keep them occupied for an entire afternoon. You can even hang these fictional characters wall murals in your hallways to give the space the atmosphere of a film studio. There is no place in your home where the fictional characters wall murals will not be s surefire hit.
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