Frightening and creepy images are a common staple of horror films. These elements set the mood for the frightening story to unfold. They are a visual foreshadowing of the horrific eveRead morents that will take place in the story. From the early days of cinema, with the first Frankenstein and Nosferatu films, to the computer-generated, effects-driven blockbusters of today, very little has changed in the telling of horror flicks, and these spooky images are a constant element in the formula. Photowall pays tribute to this unique cinematic component with its line of horror wall murals. These one-of-a-kind horror wall murals of creepiness and foreboding may not be as uplifting as flowers and bunnies and sunshine, but they do fit into the tastes of a certain type of individual. These horror wall murals would look good in the recreational area or private study of one of your family members who appreciate this sort of art. Even your kids, those who have a liking for the more unconventional side of decoration, could totally go for these horror wall murals. It all comes down to the person’s preferences with these horror wall murals. Not everything in life is sunshine and daisies and butterscotch pudding. Beauty can exist in all things, as witnessed by these horror wall murals.

Dreadful in horror wall murals

When creating a horror screenplay, the first component that is laid down is the exposition. This is just a fancy way of saying that you first show the basic elements of the story such as the location, the time, the initial situation, and the main characters. Having a spooky house or town or village in a horror film is always a good way to begin a horror story. Photowall lets you enjoy this primary cinematic element with “Psycho”, “Rodluvan”, and “Creature From the Black Lagoon” in its diverse collection of horror wall murals. The first image mentioned in our horror wall murals showcases the classic Alfred Hitchcock thriller that was touted as the most commercially successful of all his works. The second mention in our collection of horror wall murals features a werewolf, a maiden, and a bone-chilling background. The third in our example of horror wall murals highlight one of the more campy horror films that were more quirky and hilarious than actually frightening, with a frightening creature rising from a murky lagoon, it is an appropriate beginning for a tale of ghoulish and bizarre shenanigans.

Daunting in horror wall murals

In cinema, there is a french term called mis en scene. This word defines the primary elements the storyteller establishes that begin to tell the story before even a single word is uttered or a single event has occurred. These horror wall murals are the perfect example of mis en scene in horror flicks. Photowall lets your imagination run wild with “Dracula-Christopher Lee”, “Bride of Frankenstein”, and “Childs Play” in its unique collection of horror wall murals. The first image in our horror wall murals is that of the veteran actor, Christopher Lee, playing the most iconic role in his career, the classic opening for one of those vampire-style horror films. The next one in our horror wall murals is a spin-off of the classic Mary Shelley horror novel which shows Dr. Victor Frankesnstein, trying to put together an entire human being from body parts. The third one in our collection of horror wall murals is that of Chuckie, the demented doll that came to life to wreak havoc and mayhem on all that cross his path. These horror wall murals are the perfect preamble for those classic horror masterpieces.

Dire and frightful

In writer Stephen King’s horror masterpiece novel IT, the main monster that terrorizes little children takes the form of a clown called Pennywise, who lives in the sewer and entices kids into its lair. Photowall gives a nod to this type of horror with its frightening collection of horror wall murals. These horror wall murals highlight the heyday of black and white horror films. The images seen in these horror wall murals are what inspired our modern-day filmmakers to create tales of the horrific and mystifying. Let these horror wall murals bring out the storyteller in each and every member of your family. These horror wall murals are not for the average collector of home adornments, but they do lend an air of the bizarre and ghostly for those whose tastes run to these sorts of images. Watch your favorite horror classics with your entire family, as you surround yourself with these horror wall murals. Let the popcorn and the screams fly as you are thrilled and petrified by the suspenseful events unfolding with these horror wall murals all around you. These horror wall murals make a great accompaniment for nights of unconventional fun such as these. Hurry and grab your own collection of these quirky horror wall murals today.
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