Imagine the following scenario happening in your living room, for example. You are admiring a magnificent wall decoration as the evening draws near and the sun disperses its final rayRead mores of rosy light across the room. This can be made possible by having motifs from the sublime Photowall illustrations wall murals collection which can be found in the contemporary art section. There are unique designs, vibrant colours and incredible themes to be found. Illustrations wall murals can make a difference in the visual weight of any room, whether this is residential like the aforementioned living room, a recreational space such as the popular man-cave, or even the break room at the office. Just like illustrations wall murals themselves, the possibilities and variety is so vast that you are practically spoilt for choice. There are even two smaller subcategories named Pastel Drawings and Pencil Drawings which can make your selection process easier and more streamlined.

Defining illustration wall murals

To accurately define illustrations is quite difficult since it covers so many segments, styles and genres. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that illustrations are a visual presentation of various subjects done by means of drawing, painting or photography. You will observe this as you peruse our detailed and specially selected top-grade illustrations wall murals assemblage. Some illustrations may also be digitally created using a computer, which is common and understandable in this modern age and due to the rise of technology. The beauty of a category such as illustrations wall murals is that it brings together the everlasting appeal of the traditional and the beautiful energy created by the modern. Illustrations are one of the most powerful tools in the field of communication design, which is why our assortment of illustrations wall murals make for a great component in interior design.

Exploring a subcategory

Whatever the chosen space, you always have to use several techniques to realize your vision of what you want it to look like. The same goes for putting up a illustrations wall mural. A concrete example of this is using the smaller tier of pencil drawings. In this group you will find gorgeous pieces such as "New York - Line by Line", for example. The art of contour, which is focusing on the shapes of things and black and white spaces, is particularly important since space is such a crucial element in interior design. Then there is shading, also known as the ability to distinguish between light and shade. The final component involves the addition of lines and textures to provide greater definition and realism. These have all to be taken into consideration when selecting your illustrations wall mural from the pencil drawings cluster.

Subjects in illustrations wall murals

Not only has contemporary illustration changed the way artists work, but also shines a light on way more subjects than it used to focus on traditionally. Nowadays, the theme of an illustrations wall mural can be practically anything, whether this is related to art, politics, nature, sports or other forms of entertainment. In Photowall's excellent illustrations wall murals selection, we cover matters as diverse as landscapes, fauna, the animal world and even architecture. If you are a fan of both the animal kingdom and fine arts, "Pastel Safari II" can be exactly what you have been looking for. If you are looking for something more dramatic, try "Modesty - Comic Strip 2". As you can see, the range is so wide that you will find an illustrations wall mural which speaks solely to you. Illustrations wall murals of this high value and meticulousness are a superb piece in any residential or commercial space, as it elevates the room into something special and memorable, not just for you but also any company you have coming over or visiting.
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