Pencil Drawings

Pencil drawing presents itself as one of the simplest and yet most varied among the many styles of artistic illustration, particularly in contemporary art. Since people use everythingRead more from graphite pencils to charcoals and pastels in capturing the emotional response that they want to evoke from whoever views their work of art, there is a vast range to what you can do with it visually. This idea will also come in handy when it comes to selecting your ideal pencil drawings wall murals. The range of subgenres available in pencil drawings wall murals is as amazing and wide-ranging as in the real world. From caricature and cartooning to pure doodling and the more complex designs associated with pencil drawings, you will find what suits you most in Photowall's tremendous assortment of pencil drawings wall murals.

Defining characteristics of pencil drawings wall murals

Whatever the chosen space, you always have to use several techniques to realize your vision of what you want it to look like. The same goes for putting up a pencil drawings wall murals. As pencil drawing also has various methods, these are important to know to get the exact layout you are striving for. The art of contour, which is focusing on the shapes of things and black and white spaces, is particularly important since space is such a crucial element in interior design. Then there is shading, also known as the ability to distinguish between light and shade. The final component involves the addition of lines and textures to provide greater definition and realism. These have all to be taken into consideration when selecting your pencil drawings wall murals, no matter if it is for the home, the office or any other kind of interior you might be looking to spruce up.

A brief history of pencil drawings

We all know that rock and cave drawings have been present since the prehistoric times. However, most of the art historians date the first actual and real attempts at self-expression to the 12th and 13th centuries. Pencil drawings however did not become into a more serious proposition until the 14th century, when paper become widely available. From that time on, nearly every great, known artist tried some kind of pencil drawing. You will find similar and equally captivating motifs in our pencil drawings wall murals section. "Esaias Syn - Gustave Dore" can evoke that particular feel of classy art, with its distinct shades, hues and of course, the name and artistry attached to the legend that is Gustave Dore. It conjures the idea of art being present in the room you want to revitalize, whether that is by using pencil drawings wall murals in your residential, commercial or recreational space.

Pencil drawings wall murals and their impact

Working with pencil drawings wall murals allows you to concentrate on capturing the essence of the image you have chosen, using a simple yet impactful tool to get your decorative vision done. There is also a lot of possibility as to where to put the pencil drawings wall murals in your interiors. The motif named "Esaias Syn - Gustave Dore" in the pencil drawings wall murals lineup, for example, can look perfect in any child's room, study area or play space. "Line Fawn" is another child-friendly and affable piece that will transform a simple room into something memorable. For a more adult vibe, maybe "Motorcycle Sketch" or "In Blush" is for you. The former is a pencil drawings wall mural of a very masculine nature and could make for the perfect birthday gift for fathers. The latter is more feminine and artsy, making it the ideal pencil drawing wall mural for Mommy.
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