Mixed Media

Nowadays it is common to have a concoction of different themes in one place, especially with the millenial generation. Keeping this in mind, Photowall has an excellent assortment of mRead moreixed media wall murals that can complement that very idea. To make things clearer, mixed media essentially refers to a visual art form that combines a variety of media in a single artwork. For example, if you draw with ink, then paint over it with watercolours and then add some highlights in coloured pencil, that's mixed media! Our collection of mixed media wall murals reflects this winning and diverse process. You will find unique and solitary designs, vibrant and appealing colour combinations and a varied range of themes. Whether you want a mixed media wall mural for your home, the hangout spot or even the office, you are guaranteed to find your muse in this category. If you want some adjustments or modifications to your selected mixed media wall murals, Photowall is very accommodating and helpful.

Background information on mixed media wall murals

Mixed media is fun because it can take so many forms, as you can see in our selection of mixed media wall murals. Some even go as far as saying "anything goes with mixed media"! It is really a supreme form of self-expression because the sky is basically your limit, metaphorically speaking. Mixed media wall murals can show us this because by using a combination of media in one work of art, which allows you to utilize the best that each medium has to offer. Furthermore, the wide selection permits you to mix and match various themes across all platforms. You could even call mixed media wall murals the Paella of contemporary art! One more advantage to using these motifs is that they look good wherever you put them. If you use, for instance, a mixed media wall mural like "Acceleration Freedom Drive", you could easily see it in the living room at home, as well as the break room in the office. Mixed media wall murals offer you flexibility, style and character.

Quick history lesson

The use of mixed media actually began around 1912 with the cubist collages and constructions of masters such as Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. It became widespread as artists developed increasingly open attitudes and minds to the media of art, which is even more pronounced these days with the advent of new technologies and especially the internet. To keep mixed media wall murals in clear sights, let us explain the difference between mixed media and multi-media artworks. While both terms describe works of art that are made using a range of materials, multi-media is generally used to define an artwork that uses or includes a combination of electronic media, such as video, film, audio and computers. This is important to keep in mind when making your mixed media wall murals selection.

Creative juices in mixed media wall murals

Mixed media wall murals allow you to let out your creative side. Everyone, from bloggers to photographers, love the idea of mixing photographs with sketches, sculptures and so on. The eclectic blend in mixed media wall murals add a whimsical element to the interiors which viewers will certainly be attracted to. Items like "Please Come Home" are very energetic and give off the artsy vibe we all like. Mixed media wall murals such as "Watercolor Paris" can stir the spirit of adventure and romance in us. "Old Torn Posters" is another kind of mixed media wall mural that awakens the rebel in certain people. As you can see, there is tremendous range and diversity in this category of contemporary art wall murals by Photowall.
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