Three Dimensional Art

Three-dimensional art, by its technical definition, is any form of free-standing work that has length, width, and height. They can be viewed solidly from the top, the side, and all arRead moreound. It is not two-dimensional like a painting on a canvas. Sculptures, bas reliefs, sunken reliefs, and certain engravings are a few examples of this traditional art form. However, in our time, with the advent of different types of technology, we are now capable of making a two-dimensional image on a canvas, that looks as though it has depth, and width, and dimensions. This is the three-dimensional art that we are referring to. It is an optical illusion created by the shading and composition of the image on the canvas itself. Photowall celebrates this new and exciting art form with its own line of three dimensional art wall murals. These amazing images give you the feel of depth and dimension, even though what you’re actually looking at is a flat surface. Hang a few of these three dimensional art wall murals in your living room, and feel like you have added space to the area. Your family and friends will not only be dumbfounded but will be fascinated as well, by this new and unique art form.

New in three dimensional art wall murals

Optical illusions are not modern-day inventions. They have existed in ancient glyphs and scrolls and even occur in nature. The curvature of light and space often fools the human eye and allows us to believe that something is more than what it actually appears to be. This phenomenon has now been harnessed into an art form to create mind-boggling images. Photowall tips its hat off to this exciting and engaging style of art with “Faceted 3D Wall”, “Deep Tetris Color”, and “RolfCarlWerner” in its amazing collection of three dimensional art wall murals. These fascinating images feature the very kind of optical illusions that this art form is famous for. Display a few of these three dimensional art wall murals in your recreational den and let their mere presence amuse you and give you countless hours of entertainment. Play your favorite video games with these wonderful three dimensional art wall murals around you and you will feel more invigorated and engaged than at any other time. These three dimensional art wall murals can keep you occupied for hours on end and will ratchet up the fun factor in this space.

Unique in three dimensional art wall murals

The simple act of poking a flat canvas with your finger, or running your hands across its surface, to make sure that you are actually seeing a two-dimensional image, can be a little jarring at first. But there is a novelty to it that is pleasing and hard to get away from. The human eye can be fooled easily and the mind reacts to it accordingly. Photowall gives you more for your amusement with “David Statue by Michelangelo”, “La Venus de Milo”, and “Greek Female Bust” in its fine line of three dimensional art wall murals. These arresting images feature a few classical sculptures that have been adapted to suit this art form. Hang a few of these in your private study or mini-library, and have the space transformed into a veritable Louvre Museum. You will feel like a billionaire collector of fine art with these splendid examples of three dimensional art wall murals on your walls. Smoke a pipe or your favorite cigar in your study and imagine you are one of the great philanthropic patrons of the arts with these fine three dimensional art wall murals all around you.

Amusing and enjoyable

There are many ways to enjoy these three dimensional art wall murals inside your home. You can use them to create the illusion of bigger space, you can add depth and dimension to drab and boring spaces, and you can even turn them into actual objets d’art for your guests and loved ones to marvel at. There is almost no limit to how you can enjoy these cool three dimensional art wall murals within your urban abode. In this vein, Photowall gives you, even more, to love with “Drain Pipes”, “Love Philly”, and “Lightship in Stockholm” in its wide collection of three dimensional art wall murals. These images are some of the best examples of the optical illusions that these pieces bring with them. You can actually feel the objects jump right out at you. Display a few of these three dimensional art wall murals in the sleeping areas and play nooks of your kids, and you will never have to bother to call them out on mischief again. The very presence of these images will leave them flabbergasted and filled with so much awe, that they will hardly move from the spot you have displayed them on.
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