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21st Century Rustic Living

by Photowall UK

The rustic aesthetic is defined by bold, natural features combined with homely comforts and a nod to countryside living. As we move further into 2017, this trend is becoming more popular – and it’s not hard to see why. In this post, we’ll be exploring rustic living in the 21st century, looking at what makes this trend so appealing and providing you with our insightful guidance to bring countrified living into your own home this year.

Style with green this spring – 5 tips

by Photowall UK

The fabulously retro Swiss cheese plant paired with gorgeous green wallpaper – what could be more perfect for spring? Bring in the fresh green feeling of spring with large-leaved potted plants, pretty spring bouquets and flowing ferns.

A guide to mastering pattern play

by Photowall UK

Forget sleek lines and subtle prints – maximalism is the new minimalism. This modern style encourages you to unleash your creativity onto your home’s interiors with colour and texture. The trend’s linchpin? Patterns – big, small, geometric, soft…anything goes in this bold and bright outlandish world. But using a myriad of prints in a singular space isn’t as easy as nailing a neutral palette in minimalist style. To help you get to grips with the art of pattern play, we’ve compiled a number of top tips to follow.

Paint and pounds: How to cut the cost of decorating

by Photowall UK

Planning to refresh your home with new colours and a whole host of accessories is always an inspiring time – from enthusiastically perusing Pinterest for ideas to planning your new space to the utmost detail. But put the excitement of home décor aside and the realisation of the price tag it comes with may set in as, quite often, it can be a hefty one.

6 things we learnt from The Great Interior Design Challenge

by Photowall UK

The annual hunt for Britain’s best amateur designer returned this year with The Great Interior Design Challenge. Nine contestants battled it out, transforming rooms in a plethora of properties up and down the country – including art deco flats, thatched cottages and modern town houses.

Festive tips for a cosy Christmas

by Photowall UK

If you aren’t snuggling up in front of a roaring fire in a pair of oversized socks with a steaming mug of cocoa during the depths of winter, something’s gone wrong. Add in a sprinkle of festive magic and you’ve got the perfect formula for a cosy Christmas, but how to create that enchantment though? Besides heaps of seasonal décor, the right colours and textures can add just that. The living space is the epicentre of Christmas and transforming it can help create that cosy ambience that makes this time of year so special. Here’s how:

DIY dark drama: Get the look for Halloween

by Photowall UK

Halloween notoriously favours tones of the dark variety; think vibrant oranges, inky blacks and forest greens, which coincide with the colour trends that are set to take the interiors world by storm in 2017. While this year’s colours of choice are still in vogue, the design world is flirting with a new palette that will be revamping rooms in the next 12 months.

Transitional interior ideas: how to channel Hygge in your home

by Photowall UK

Known for their minimalist laidback lifestyle, the Danish are masters in creating cosy, functional designs. If you’re transitioning your interior ready for the autumn and winter months ahead, there’s definitely a few tips you can take from Denmark.

How to create the perfect Nordic nursery

by Photowall UK

Bringing simplicity to smart storage solutions and the use of clean colours is typical of Nordic interior design techniques. Crafting a Scandinavian-inspired space for your baby’s nursery can aid a good night’s sleep, and create a harmonising environment for them to relax in.

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