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Style with green this spring – 5 tips

The fabulously retro Swiss cheese plant paired with gorgeous green wallpaper – what could be more perfect for spring? Bring in the fresh green feeling of spring with large-leaved potted plants, pretty spring bouquets and flowing ferns.

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We’ve shed our winter jackets and can finally have our afternoon tea or coffee outdoors. In other words – it’s spring, and we love it! After freshening up our wardrobe, the change to spring also gives an urge to update our decor, and this season we are stoked about styling our homes with all things green. 

Top 5 tips for greenifying your home 

1. Green looks fresh and rejuvenating

Loving green is easy for so many reasons, and we came up with several. Besides the obvious – that it’s simply beautiful – green has a calming and balancing effect. It works great in most rooms but definitely works best in rooms where you want to relax in a harmonious environment. If you combine green with greywhitebaby pink or even a wood pattern motif, you’ll bring out even more of the colour’s natural beauty. 

2. Don’t forget plants

Surely you’ve heard this already, but it’s worth repeating: Decorating with plants is always right. Let plants become a feature of your decor. Choose the potted plants and leaf shapes that suit your style. Create a botanical oasis with the retro Swiss cheese plant, fig trees, the Chinese money plant and ferns. Match the plants and their pots to your interiors. Some plants even have a humidifying effect and are perfect on your desk or in your bedroom. 

"Mountain Pine - Off White" by Lottas Träd

3. Greenifying – beyond the flower pot

Do you absolutely adore plants but feel you haven’t got the space or the right environment for plants to thrive? Then our top tip is to use products created from nature as the best source of inspiration for a natural and tranquil vibe. Find towels patterned with green leaves, hang a shower curtain with plant life motifs, snuggle with flowered pillows and put up curtains that reflect the serene forest and countryside. 

"Botany Banana" by Lemon

4. Wallpaper in a range of shades

Perhaps you’ve already decided on green for your walls but not the exact shade. Our top tip is to test your way forward. Order wallpaper samples and put them up, remembering that the shade you choose sets the mood of the room: Forest green and other subtle shades of wallpaper create an elegant and more luxurious vibe whereas green wallpaper with brown tones reflect a warm and cosy atmosphere. For a bright, fresh feeling, light green or pea green will do the trick. 

"Bambu - Green" by Acne JR

5. Where else can you do the green look?

Green plants, decor and wallpaper work just as well in your summer cottage or conservatory as they do in your house. Choose the right flowers and foliage for the feeling you want to create, then add textiles like pillows and curtains for a natural, cosy vibe. 

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