Inspiration and tips for your picture wall - your own framed prints

Deciding what to hang on the walls can be pretty tricky. Do you want your wall covered floor-to-ceiling with pictures? A cluster in the middle? A few prints that may be a little larger – or something completely different? The possibilities are endless, and starting this year you can order fully-assembled and framed prints from Photowall. You can choose between finished designs, or your own pictures. Let's take a closer look at the range (it's big!) and consider how your own picture wall can be created.

All photos by: Anna María Larsson

A wide range of framed prints in many sizes

Photowall has an incredibly large selection of framed prints. Currently there are over 13,000 motifs, so step one is actually to limit yourself a bit. Are you going for a particular theme, style or color of your personal picture wall? Here on Photowall's website, you can easily filter or search so you have a slightly narrower range to look for.

Choose the motif for your picture wall

Just a quick note: once you've started scrolling through all the pictures, you can favorite mark the motifs you like a little more. You do that by pressing the heart at the title. This is smart for two reasons, the first because you can then easily remember which motifs you liked (you will find your favorites hearted in the top right of the main menu). But it's also smart because you can see how your images fit together on your future picture wall. When creating a painting wall, it's always good to see all the motifs together and thus create a feeling for what the end result will look like. Do the colors, motifs etc work with each other?

Also keep in mind how your room is decorated overall. If you can pick up a color, style or feel from somewhere else in the room and repeat it on the walls, you create a more thoughtful expression. A wall in the bedroom can have a completely different feel than the wall in the living room, for example. In the bedroom slightly quieter, more harmonious motifs are usually chosen because they invite a good night's sleep, while the picture wall in the living room may be a little more fun or tell a different story.

Different ways to plan a picture wall

A wall can really change a room. It gives a more homely feel and you can play around with different motifs, but also in the way you hang the pictures. If you want a more structured feel, you can choose pictures of the same size and hang them straight in a structured pattern. If you want a more free effect, you can hang them completely helter-skelter.

Create a personalized picture wall with your own pictures

Of course, it's always a bit more fun to put a personal touch on your home rather than make it look like one out of real estate listing. By having your own pictures - and maybe some personal items - on your wall, you can easily create that feeling. Start by choosing one or more images you really love and let them be the foundation of your picture wall. If you only want to use your own pictures, that's great, too. Photowall's framed prints are available in eight different sizes from 28x36 cm to 70x100 cm, and you can also choose whether you want a white border or not around each picture. Frames are available in three designs, black, white and a natural wood color. The possibilities are endless.

Here's how I made my personal picture wall with framed prints

I have a fairly large wall in my living room that has been painfully empty for a while, and now it's finally time to get to a lovely picture wall. As a base, I had a picture I took when I was vacationing down in Italy several years ago. We drove along the Amalfi Coast and drove through lots of quaint little villages, it was postcard-beautiful in every direction I aimed the camera. One of the pictures I took was of a man sitting reading the newspaper in a pink square. I completely fell for the pink trend and because I'm going to continue on the pink/red track that will be seen in many places throughout 2020, it just feels even more right.

So I matched my own image with the motifs Melancholy, Prima Ballerina and Abstract Clouds from Photowall's large selection of framed prints. To give a little more personal touch, I chose another photo from the Italian vacation at another house. I then chose to mix both frames with a white border, but not on my framed prints. I think it gave a pretty nice feeling to mix with different colors on the frames as it doesn't look and feel as regimented. Then I can also mix in other prints in the future if I want to expand my painting wall.

Quick facts about Photowall's framed prints

• Our modern and timeless frames are available in three different designs - black, white or natural wood frame.

• Frame width 20 mm, frame depth 24 mm

• Acrylic glass that gives less reflections, improved UV protection and is more durable than regular glass

• The back of the board is sealed with tape to prevent dirt from getting in

• FSC-certified

• 100% acid free and the prints won't discolor or fade over time

• The prints are delivered fully-assembled so you can just hang them up


Anna María Larsson is a creator, inspirator and DIY professional. She is of the firm opinion that everyone is creative and can come up with ideas; it only requires a little training. She appears on a regular basis on TV, holds workshops and gives lectures. She shares what she creates and offers inspiration with her blog and Instagram account @dnilva.