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Emelie Leijon is releasing a wallpaper collection with nature in focus

by Photowall UK

Today the designer and founder of the Swedish brand E.Leijon does a wallpaper debut with her collection Nordic Stories. The collection, created by Emelie Leijon, started with ceramics and quickly developed into both fabrics and tiles. Now it launched in the form of three wallpaper motifs, all in different colour schemes.

6 things we learnt from The Great Interior Design Challenge

by Photowall UK

The annual hunt for Britain’s best amateur designer returned this year with The Great Interior Design Challenge. Nine contestants battled it out, transforming rooms in a plethora of properties up and down the country – including art deco flats, thatched cottages and modern town houses.

Photowall and Lemon present: Frame of Mind

by Photowall UK

Photowall and South African design studio Lemon are proud to present Frame of Mind – a wallpaper collection focusing on people’s varying styles, moods and emotions. It brings together subtle watercolours, textile structures and highly detailed hand-painted patterns.

New Designs From the Creatives at About Blank

by Photowall UK

This year’s balmy summer evenings are coming to an end, and autumn is making its presence known. But why not make summer last a bit longer with wallpaper designs that convey a surfing feeling? With our new designs from About Blank, you’ll find everything from eye-catching palm trees and lovely mile-long sandy beaches, to surf photos taken at dawn.

Tropic wallpaper design from AL Collection

by Photowall UK

Luxurious palm leaves and tropical flowers meet Honduras parrots in brightly coloured wallpaper designs from AL Collection. Photowall is expanding its range with a mix of the classic photo and patterns characterised by an exciting new design expression – all created by artists from around the world in our AL Collection.

Photowall meets Jonna Jinton

by Photowall UK

She calls herself a lone wolf, but has a smile and a bubbly charm that could melt the harshest of Arctic snows. I have no end of questions: Why would a 21-year-old move to a small village in northern Sweden, population 10, all by herself? Does she never miss city life? Where did she learn to take such magical nature pictures? Photowall has met with Jonna Jinton – who is just about to launch her first wallpaper collection.

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