Fall trends 2021

At this point in late summer, many of us are looking forward to snuggling up indoors again. We are simply getting ready for a new season. Autumn is approaching quickly. So, load up now with your favorites, a soft blanket and lit candles, and we will offer you maximum inspiration in the fall trends. Or, how about muted and cozy, soft lines and restful tones? Also, good news for those who love the 90s; "ugly-cool" fruit patterns and bright colors are just right. Join us on a tour through the four hottest trends this fall!

Trend 1 - Soiledge

Imagine drinking herbal tea and discussing Kafka, red wine and innovations - surrounded by green plants and somber, natural tones. Soiledge lets nature take a place in the home with its slightly pale but somber colors such as moss green, burgundy and stained wood. Combine it with details of vegan leather, paisley patterns and beautiful velvet and your autumn coziness is set!

Window view Ocean Green - Summer House

Trend 2 - Equilibrium

Enjoy a spiritual sanctuary this fall. Choose soothing colors and undulating shapes to create a calm and uncluttered place where you can gather your thoughts and regain energy. A beautiful beige palette with tones of off-white, light yellow and lavender purple, combined with soft, sheer materials to complete the whole effect. Find inspiration in nature - think fresh water, oxygen-rich morning air, a shallow sandy beach and pale sunshine. Feel free to add in details such as corals and shells for a perfect look.

Waltz of Colors Multi Soft - Photowall

Trend 3 - Ivory Earth

As northerners, we love light, not least now that autumn is approaching and a darker season awaits. So, this bright, slightly earthy trend suits perfectly! Decorate your home with natural materials such as wood, rattan and textiles. There is also room for gently undulating lines in combination with slightly sharper formations taken from boulders, pine bark and stone slabs. Think minimalist, and add tufted textiles, ceramics with blasted patina and beautiful dried flowers. An inspiring stack of books is on the table with a carefully selected combination of wellness, art and photo books that provide motivation and hope for brighter times.

Delicate - 1 x

Trend 4 - YES WE CAN – The 90's in the 20's

Hey there, 90s! Now, we can invite strong colors and bold patterns in our homes - and is there really any better way to welcome autumn? Forget all about earthy tones. Here, we paint our flea market finds in bright colors and match them up with pleated lampshades and Sicilian-inspired ceramics. In addition, there are all kinds of opportunities here to emphasize a political agenda and social commitment. Of course, the interior is characterized by environmentally friendly DIY, with upcycled and varied bargain finds. But, hey, it is perfectly alright to sneak in one or two pastel colors as well - everything is possible in this "say-yes trend"!

Crazy Life -  Ute Arnold