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Interior design trends in 2020 - 6 major trends of the year

A new decade and new trends! What do the interior design trends for 2020 actually look like? What stands out at the big interior design trade fairs? Anna María Larsson helps you find your way through the maze of trends.

Photo: Anna María Larsson

Time for socializing 

We want 2020 to be a fun year. It will be the roaring 20's again, but with awareness. We want time to socialize and have fun together with those we care about. We decorate our homes more personally and we would rather have furniture with a story and history than something mass-produced which everyone else owns. Time has become a status symbol and having time for dinners, socializing and personal meetings is highly valued. And since everyone wants a home with a personal touch and their own style, then anything goes. This explains the many different colors that are predicted to be the trend colors of the year.


This year, there is no ONE obvious color that is the color of the year. Instead, we see several different colors named for this year's color. It is everything from different shades of yellow to a classic blue, more earthy brown burnt tones and pink. And that is probably it. Color is the very thing, everything is allowed! We want to create a cozy feel and a home to feel good in. White has gone from being the neutral standard to beige and gray tones becoming the neutral and "unpainted" instead. In the few places we have white, it is a choice rather than a standard. Although anything goes as far as color, some colors are still more trendy than others:


Photo: Anna María Larsson and Beckers

Yellow has been with us in previous seasons when we saw a lot of a mustard yellow variant, and then perhaps mainly as a detail color, preferably also in combination with pink. The new decade continues with yellow but now in more shades and also on larger surfaces. We can see everything from the more sophisticated slightly muted gray-yellow shades to the brighter sunshine yellow.


Photo: Jotun

Blue is also a safe bet for 2020. We see a very classic blue that imparts stability and tranquility. But also light blue for those who want to express a little extra. Blue in all its shades goes and works well with everything from details to whole rooms.


Photo: Jotun

We still see a lot of shades of green. It's everything from gray-green and minty tones to more colorful green. Here you can choose if you want green to be the expressive color and then combine it with, for example, white. Or do you want it to be a happy complement to another color such as pink?


Photo: Beckers

Pink continues to be a trend color but has now almost become a natural element without feeling pink. Maybe we got used to it? Pink warm tones give a cozy and lovely feeling. We also see burnt pink tones on both details and walls.

Burnt and warm shades

Photo: Jotun

We see a lot of earthy and burnt shades. It ranges from brown to warmer orange-red tones.

Sustainability - the trend that is not a trend

It is clear that the pace has slowed down. The trends are not changing as fast and the trend that is now perhaps a given rather than a trend - is sustainability - which is still the focus of companies that are increasingly adjusting and working in slower cycles and with more durable materials. Consumers have started to make demands, and in order to keep up and not seem outdated, production and choice of materials need to be reviewed.

Durable and new materials

Photo: Anna María Larsson

We want our furniture to be made of durable, genuine and climate-smart materials. We see new materials produced from old materials and companies are getting smarter at thinking in a circular fashion. We want to create homes with materials that are recycled or that can be recycled. Old plastic bottles turn into carpets and storage baskets, among other things. Hard-pressed fabric becomes a chair and old paper turns into nice pots. If it is not recycled, we want to see genuine materials such as wood, cork, wicker, wool, linen and glass. Wood is a popular material and the choice of wood-type and origin is more important than before. Several Swedish wood species may again take their place in the limelight.

Handcrafted and unique

Photo: Anna María Larsson

Genuine craftsmanship is valued even more, we see a lot of ceramics and sculptures in everything from small roughly hewn shapes to round and playful. It is important here that it should feel like it is handcrafted, or could be.

Round shapes

Photo: Anna María Larsson

Another clear trend is the more rounded shapes of larger pieces of furniture such as sofas and armchairs. They are round, almost a bit clunky pieces of furniture with soft curves and corners. They are a lovely combination that is playful, clunky and soft.

Photowall interprets Formex - 3 trends for Spring and Summer 2020

Prior to each Formex trade fair, Formex (the largest Nordic interior design trade fair) presents three overall trends for the season. This year's trends are Negative Space, Concrete Brutalism and Sensational Flow. Here are a bunch of favorites from our range that match the trends:

Negative Space

Space - Erica Jacobson, Fractal Pale Green and Ochra - Lemon

Forest - Winter Ash - Tove Berggren

Concrete Brutalism

Flaking Plaster Wall - Grey - M. Stenströmer

Peaks - 1x / Daniel Fleischhacker, Archform - Shades of Brown

Sensational Flow

Pink EarthGradient - Bluish

Syre - Pink - Frida Clerhage


Anna María Larsson is a creator, inspirator and DIY professional. She is of the firm opinion that everyone is creative and can come up with ideas; it only requires a little training. She appears on a regular basis on TV, holds workshops and gives lectures. She shares what she creates and offers inspiration with her blog and Instagram account @dnilva.

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