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Summer is just around the corner and vacation will soon be here. Because travel is still a bit restrictive, we thought we'd give you some tips on how to create a dream destination in your own home. We've collected six popular locations with simple interior design tips for creating that wonderful vacation feeling right in your home, without having to travel halfway around the world.

Bali - Botanic djungle

Many have visited the tropical island of Bali in Southeast Asia, and have fallen head over heels with its lush jungle and surfing-friendly beaches. Balinese interior decoration is strongly linked to nature and its wonders. Imagine tropical foliage, wild jungle greenery and rich flora, balanced with soothing and elegant elements made from nature such as wood and bamboo, but also ceramic and wood crafts. There's also a sense of spirituality in the Balinese decorative items, such as Buddha statues, spiritual figures and silhouettes in materials such as gold, brass, ceramics and wood.

Modern Rattan I -  WAG Collection

To create the optimal Bali feeling, the key word is: holistic. This means that there is plenty of room for spontaneity. Mosaics are fundamental to Balinese interior design, and are a perfect element to work from in decorating. Fill your home with earthy tones such as black, brown, beige, white and green. These shades are perfect for interior details such as artwork, pillows, beautiful rugs and soft cotton throws. Don't forget to add natural elements such as leafy plants and tropical flowers, either live or dried. 

The balance of the spiritual is also a very important focus here; decorate with a sculpture in gold or brass that symbolizes the heart of your home. Add colorful details by placing vases and sculptures around the home to create the magical Bali feeling that everyone longs for.

Mediterranean - Turquoise treasures

The Mediterranean is one of the most popular destinations for Scandinavians. Major countries of the region include southern Greece, Italy and Spain. These areas are known for their friendly and relaxed lifestyle, and the styles across the region resemble each other, with hints of pastels, turquoise water and vibrant flora. This is reflected in the decor of rustic furniture, walls and sun-kissed palettes, which fit perfectly in the warmer climate. 

White Archway -  Photowall


The Greek Mediterranean style is very much about whitewashed walls with cobalt-blue details. Many think that it doesn't get any more Greek than this. These details are also used on shelves and in chandeliers, and if you want to spruce up your terrace in a Greek style, all you need is a set if all-white outdoor furniture. 


The Italian Mediterranean style is characterized by a carefree and relaxed atmosphere. Colors and textures are inspired by the surrounding landscape. Ornate furniture and objects such as cast iron and rustic stone floors are common elements in this style. Earth tones such as orange, deep red and yellow create the optimal Italian Mediterranean feeling.

Crystal Clear Water - Photowall


The Spanish Mediterranean style is influenced by Moroccan furniture, invigorating tones and mosaic art. Mosaics make up a large part of interior design and can be seen on mirror frames, table tops or in interior details such as vases and lamps. Crafts such as clay pots, terracotta floors and pastel walls sum up the Spanish Mediterranean style in a nutshell.

Berlin & New York - Urban minimalistic

Berlin and New York are well-known big cities that have a lot to offer both in terms of interior design and culture. The common denominator for these cities is: minimalism. It is important to mention that the style is more original than the minimalist style you see in Scandinavia. The interior is influenced by industrial details; walls are decorated with plaster or wallpaper is torn off to show surfaces underneath; everything is done to create a raw feeling. 

In America, black and white - 1 x

Techno music and underground clubs symbolize these cities and strong neon colors and retro details can be seen in interiors. In this style, eras merge and result in something fresh and modern that is simultaneously combined with something homier and less extreme.

In both cities, brick is a common material; because brick can sometimes be difficult to use in interiors, a handy solution could be use brick-look wallpaper instead. Just as attractive, and much simpler. To create the perfect Berlin and NYC style in your home, mix modern and traditional styles and strive to find a balance between form and function.

Australia & California - Sunkissed paradise


Seeing hopping kangaroos in Australia's fantastic nature and soaking up the sun on the infinitely long beaches may be on everyone's bucket list. Australia's natural environments have a lot to offer, and this is clearly seen in Australian décor. Imagine vast terrain, a rich color palette, a blissful mix of Australian textures and scents, as well as beautiful organic home textiles that allow you to bring nature into your home. 

Big Sur, California - Folio Collection

To get the perfect Aussie feeling in your home, a good to start is to use a gray or white base palette for a fresh feeling. Then add details in darker tones, such as wooden tables or ceramic pots, and add a splash of sun-kissed shades with leather cushions and wicker baskets. Sea and water are key elements in Australian interior decorating, and therefore you can also add shades of blue and some green plants to integrate these elements of natur


Swaying palm trees and coastal vistas lined with luxury villas right by the ocean – maybe these spring to mind when you think of California? California style exudes relaxation and harmony. Because the climate offers countless hours of sunshine and Californians tend to live an active lifestyle, residents often invite the outdoors into their homes. Light in the home is one of the most important factors in this interior design style. Here, one often uses the mantra "if you are unsure, add more windows". By adding windows and door openings, natural light flows throughout the home and makes it instantly brighter and more welcoming.

Pastel Palms - WA Collection

The color scheme of this interior design style includes naturally muted tones reminiscent of the sea and timeless sand. Textures feature earthy palettes, such as airy cotton and linen, and walls and ceilings are decorated in a sandy beige or crisp white hue. These colors help reflect natural light, which is key to the entire atmosphere. When it comes to interior details, you can decorate your home with handmade ceramic and porcelain objects, layers of books, and tropical plants, along with sea elements  such as shell, corals, stones and crystals.

Africa - Nature wonders 

The mighty continent of Africa is a very popular destination for many. Everything from the dream-like savannah to tropical beaches and big cities can be found here. Africa offers a rich combination of cultures and peoples, creating an exotic mix. 

Highveld Garden Ochre - Summer House x Aureum

The first things that come to mind, of course, are the classic earthy and vibrant colors of African décor. Different geometric shapes are also common in this interior design style, as well as textures such as natural fiber, wood and linen. In general, it is about creating a balance between luxury and harmony with nature.

Palettes such as terracotta, earth brown and deep gold provide a warm and cozy feeling, and although the African style is very much about earthy shades, you can also add more vibrant colors such as blue, green, purple and pink to reflect Africa's vibrant landscape and West African textiles. You can easily apply these tones with touches such as pillows, throws or other soft interior details. 

By decorating with African-inspired elements, we create something cozier in our otherwise minimalist-style homes. This provides a warm and welcoming feeling, and at the same time creates a connection to concepts of nature in combination with Africa's fantastic culture and history. 

Marrakesh - Colour oasis

Morocco is a country known for its warm climate, culinary flavors and above all its unique design. The Moroccan style is about vibrant colors, fabrics, and patterns, and the flow among these elements.  Moroccan décor is not just bold and colorful; it can also be elegant and sophisticated. 

Mi Casa - Lisa Audit Art

Marrakesh's most recognizable element is definitely its patterned and colorful tilework. If you don't want to add a tile wall to your home, you can easily create the same look with tile-inspired wallpaper. You can also create beautiful arches and curved doorways by adding inexpensive, less permanent paint treatments. Strong color palettes such as purple and blue, inspired by the sea, work well with more neutral tones, such as white, to create a perfect balance.

If these strong colors aren't your thing, you can also create a Moroccan-inspired look with more muted tones. Focus instead on bringing in wood details, mosaic pieces and fabrics that recreate the look. Earthy shades in sandy beige, terracotta red and orange are perfect for interior details such as pillows, rugs and throws. Don't forget to add elegant jewel tones like gold and silver, and an ottoman or floor cushions to create the ultimate Marrakesh feeling in your home. 

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