How to make a small room feel bigger

Do you have a small living room, bedroom or kitchen that feels crowded and dark? In this article, we list a couple of smart tips on how to think and decorate to make a small room feel bigger!

Think about the function of the room

The first thing you need to decide is what function the room should have and how many people will be reside in the room and how often. Answering these questions will make it easier to prioritize which furniture is actually needed in the room and which you can skip completely.

Large furniture has priority

This step is a clear sequel to the first tip; large furniture has priority! Is the small room e.g. a bedroom, you must of course prioritize a large and comfortable bed! Having space with two bedside tables is not as important as they are not central to the function of the room!

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Use a bit of space between furniture and wall

A simple trick to make a space feel bigger is to move the furniture a bit from the wall. The distance between the furniture and the wall will create the illusion that the room is larger than it actually is and you don't have to over do it, a few centimeters from the wall is usually enough!

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Think stripes

Many people may know that vertical stripes make a body look longer and the fact is that the same applies to rooms. Having vertical stripes in a room can make it feel both longer and higher in the ceiling. Try using striped wallpaper or striped furniture.

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Use reflections

Cleverly placed mirrors can make a room feel bigger by reflecting both objects, light and color.

Go transparent

Using transparent furniture in the room can help create a more airy feel. A glass table in the living room or transparent chairs in the kitchen can also make the smallest of rooms feel larger. 

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Low hanging prints and paintings

If you are going to hang paintings in a small room, you can benefit from hanging them a little lower than you would normally do. If the prints hang a little lower, the greater distance to the ceiling will give the illusion that the room has a higher ceiling than it actually has, which gives a more airy impression.

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Multiple light sources

Skip the single ceiling light and instead invest in having several light sources in the same room. More light sources provide an opportunity to experiment with the light and illuminate the parts of the room that you want to be seen a little more. In addition, a brighter room always feels bigger!

Don't block windows

Don't place furniture directly in front of windows, especially if they are large enough to block the light entry. Having an open space in front of the window will create an illusion of depth by connecting the room with the outside and create a feeling of more space.

Do you have a room that feels small? Try some of these tips and see if you can make it feel bigger. Good luck!

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