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Autumn wallpaper trends

Right now, we all live in a world marked by uncertainty for the future. What will happen to the pandemic and what will happen to climate change? What will our everyday life look like in the future and how much do we need to change?

This is of course reflected in the trends as well. But despite a lot of uncertainty about the future, we have started to see more of ourselves, what is important to me as a human being and what do I like? We settle in even more in our homes and we want to create a safe environment where we feel good and comfortable. We go back to a simpler life in many ways, we look for locally produced products and more and more people grow, bake and create things themselves.

This is how we at Photowall have interpreted the trends translated into our wallpapers:


Trend 1 - Earthbound

Is a tribute to the earth and our origins while we must adapt to a new time with the future in mind. This trend is a clear flirtation to the 70s where both colour and shape from that time speak their clear language. We see many earthy tones that are found in nature. Lots of brown with hints of pink and yellow. As a complement and accent, we use blue.


Trend 2 - Jubilation

We can call this trend a counter-reaction to the bleak future, which is nevertheless marked by an ongoing pandemic and a climate crisis that we do not know how to solve. A trend that inspires hope and that takes advantage of the opportunity to change the future. These are creative and innovative solutions to everyday things. Smart digital services that want to improve the future for all of us. It's colour, playfulness and joy. Here the artistic and the art take place. Art activism. Young people, both students and school-age children, get involved and demonstrate. It gives hope. In this we see a lot of colour mixed in exciting combinations. Everything from happy pastels like powdery tones of pink and beige to really red colours and green and blue shades.


Trend 3 - Respire

This trend reflects the introverted part of the pandemic. A Scandinavian expression in colour and material. Wood, leather, concrete and glass. Structures and patterns created by the effects of light in shadows and pleats. A transparent misty feeling and character in the colour scheme. We see gray, different light tones with a small splash of a colour and blue as an accent. Blackness is important as a contrast. The trend allows us to look more into ourselves. Time for peace and reflection. Scandinavian views and motifs with the water's cleansing power.


Anna María Larsson is a creator, inspirator and DIY professional. She is of the firm opinion that everyone is creative and can come up with ideas; it only requires a little training. She appears on a regular basis on TV, holds workshops and gives lectures. She shares what she creates and offers inspiration with her blog and Instagram account @dnilva.

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