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    Five styling tricks that set the spring mood

    After a far too long and dark winter, we are all probably more than ready for spring to begin. Here below, we list a few simple tricks on how to decorate your winter cozy home into one that is ready to welcome the sun and heat!

    Pastel tones

    Replace the winter's mellow and dark colours with pastel, light shades and details. You can repaint furniture that allows this (for example your old kitchen chairs), replace the decorative pillows and curtains or even repaint. Try matching several different pastel colours to set the tone and tie the room together.

    Fractal Burgundy and Pink, by Lemon

    Bright, airy fabrics

    The sun is finally back after a long winter and is now shining both longer and more often, something worth taking advantage of. Let the light into your home with thin, beautiful curtains. It gives the room a cozy impression without obstructing the daylight from entering. Which colour does not matter, but it is important to match the pastel tones, the important thing is that the fabric is sufficiently transparent.

    Photo by Katlyn Boone

    Invite the spring flowers

    With the arrival of spring, flowers pop up and increase well-being not only outdoors but also indoors. Lift the spring greenery into the home with the help of pretty, lively bouquets; a sprawling arrangement sets the tone for the season. One tip is to mix cut flowers with lots of leaves and other greenery.

    Flora - White, by Lina Bodén

    Decorate with mirrors

    Windows are obviously the best when talking about light entry, but depending on how many windows you have, you may sometimes need to assist. A large mirror can make a bigger difference than you think by reflecting the light from your windows and creating lovely space that contributes to the spring mood.

    Photo by Liana Mikah

    Bright tones

    Walls, ceilings and interior details in bright shades help the spring sun reach all corners of the room. If you are not so fond of colours then white is a classic that always does the trick. Light gray also creates the same effect and is both trendy and clean. Here you may want to break off with colourful details to brighten up the space slightly.

    Enchanted Blush, by Maison

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