Oak Trees

Throughout history, oak trees have been an iconic symbol of strength, steadfastness, and dependability. The expression Stronger Than Oak is quoted for a very good reason. It is also aRead moremazing to ponder the origins of this Herculean wonder of nature. From the smallest of acorns, the mightiest of oaks grow. It serves as a metaphor for all of us that from the humblest beginnings, some of the most powerful things emerge. Photowall pays tribute to this magnificent wonder of nature in its own line of oak trees wall murals. These unique images depict these titans of strength in a captivating and pleasing light. Let these oak trees wall murals fill your home with stability and solid beauty. These oak trees wall murals will look sensational as the focal point or centerpiece of your living room. Invite the whole family, in a gesture of solidarity, to sit with you in your living room and simply admire the majesty and grace of these oak trees wall murals. They are not simply eye-catching adornments, but can also serve as a reminder that a family should always remain strong and well-anchored in love and loyalty. Let these oak trees wall murals be a permanent fixture in your home.

Strong in oak trees wall murals

An Oak is classified scientifically as a shrub or a tree. It belongs to the genus Quercus and is a member of the Beech family. It is interesting to note that there are nearly five hundred species of oak in common existence. They can grow in a wide variety of climates ranging from cool to tropical, hence their proliferation in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Even in places like China, the mighty oak tree thrives. Photowall gives a salute to this solid example of flora with “Great Oak Tree”, “Oak Tree Road”, and “Angel Oak” in its marvelous collection of oak trees wall murals. These amazing images showcase this wonderful marvel of nature in its full green glory while throwing shade and coolness to all that fall under its foliage. Let these oak trees wall murals hang in your relaxation dens and feel the light hand of nature touch your senses and bleed away all your worries and cares for the day. Sit in your favorite chaise lounge with a bottle of cold beer as you gaze at these oak trees wall murals and feel as if you’re trekking through woodlands on a balmy afternoon.

Solid in oak trees wall murals

During the Medieval battles of the Middle Ages, oak was the wood of choice to make great weapons such as trebuchets and siege engines. Even in Jerusalem, during the Crusades, oak was imported in large numbers to manufacture the weapons used for those monumental conflicts. When the Spanish armada decided to conquer the world, its forests of oak were nearly depleted when they were harvested to make the great Spanish galleons that line the pages of our history books. The immense strength of this tree has been the benchmark for all kinds of construction before the advent of the Iron Age. Photowall gives you a better glimpse with “Evening Sun Beams on Autumn Leaves of Oak Tree”, “Winter Oak in Sweden”, and “Under the Live Oaks” in its fine line of oak trees wall murals. These splendid images depict the ethereal and mythical quality of these fine specimens of nature. Let these oak trees wall murals have a home in your private study or mini-library and feel as if you are one of the great naturalists of this century, ruminating the peculiarities of nature from your enlightened perch.

Steadfast and dependable

Yet interestingly, there is a romantic and emotional quality to these oak trees that is difficult to get away from. There is even a song that admonishes one to tie a yellow ribbon around one of these trees, to show that true love remains despite time and distance. In English fables and myth, many a fair maiden and a handsome gallant knight have carved their names as a testament of their undying love on ancient oak trees. Photowall gives you, even more, to love with “Majestic Oak Tree”, “Mighty Oak Tree”, and “Mighty Oak” in its remarkable collection of oak trees wall murals. Position a few of these in your kitchen or on the walls of your dining room to inspire animated discussion and lively banter during mealtime. These amazing oak trees wall murals are certain to bring life and vitality to your humdrum spaces. These oak trees wall murals come in a wide array of colors and designs for the meticulous urban dweller to choose from. They are manufactured from materials that are guaranteed safe to exist inside your home, and safe to be around your kids. These oak trees wall murals are the perfect addition to your home.
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