Rock Formations

Rocks are hard, unmoving pieces of and from the Earth that can be found just about anywhere on the planet we call our home. The necessary interaction between man and this type of natuRead morere is evident in many areas, such as roads that are cut straight through large slabs of rock to make passage. With Photowall's exquisite assortment of rock formations wall murals, you can find out the names and histories of these natural wonders. Just like geologists who know intimately that there are different kinds of rocks, with each holding a special place in this planet's history, our rock formations wall murals will tell a story for those who can read them. Whether it is your home, office or recreational space, the unique designs and vibrant colours in this array will give your room visual appeal and more dimension. You can always choose to alter your selected rock formations wall murals in accordance with your aesthetic and overall design.

Beauty of nature

Bringing nature into your interiors is always a welcome and refreshing sight. It helps breathe air into a room, gives it more life and is often also very pleasing to the eye. With rock formations wall murals, you bring one of nature's most gorgeous assets into your home or office. A natural arch is basically a rock formation that has a naturally occurring curved shape. They are formed when soft rock material is eroded rapidly by wind or water, so logically arches generally form where they are susceptible to this type of swift wearing away. Rocks along coastlines, in caves and in areas that have water running through them, as well as areas that have high winds or experience intermittent freezing and thawing, often produce these natural arches. "Mesa Arch at Sunrise" is a beautiful rock formations wall mural that perfectly illustrates that. "Old Man Storr" is another example of how these agents of nature can form something so incredible to experience and look at.

Variety of rock formations wall murals

Cliffs, precipices, mountains and caves are just some of the repeating motifs in rock formations wall murals and they all convey the spectacular wonder of Mother Nature. There is tremendous variety and as such, Photowall has conveniently classified this category into two smaller tiers, which are namely Natural Arches and Sea Stacks. From the heart-stopping plunge of a steep mountainside to tranquil views of the ocean through window-like arches, this collection of rock formations wall murals has something to suit every type of space. You can adjust or contrast them to match your existing interiors and colour schemes. Use the diversity of the images to spruce up and enliven your residential, corporate or recreational room. Rock formations wall murals present to you a wide palette of options when it comes to revamping an area. There are even dramatic motifs like "Demonstration of Power" that will give your walls a different vibe, maximizing visual impact and displaying a personal side to your decoration. If you are going for an artistic mood, the rock formations wall mural "Rocky Landscape - Philip Heinrich Dunker" is a perfect example to work with.

Perfect combination

In their essence, sea stacks are amazing vertical rock formations standing in the sea that were formed entirely by wind and water. The formation process usually begins when the sea creates cracks in the headland, causing them to later collapse, and forming free-standing stacks. "Rock Gate Senganmon" is a superb rock formations wall mural that depicts the result of this process in spectacular fashion. Another example is "Huge Stone on Beach", where you can see the magic that nature has created. With these types of rock formations wall murals, you will turn your room into something truly spectacular. There are also very famous locations present in rock formations wall murals, like one of Australia's most renowned natural wonders, as seen in "12 Apostles". This rock formations wall mural might be the ideal motivator for you to someday make the trip to Down Under.
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