Dragons have appeared in folklore and mythology around the entire world ever since mankind has been telling stories. With dragons wall murals, you can have a remnant of this ancient bRead moreeast as the focal point of your wall decoration. Whether the room you are looking to decorate is residential, recreational or even corporate, these dragons wall murals will equip your interiors with character, energy and passion. Aside from their presence in famous legends such as that of Britain's St. George to the global pop culture phenomenon that is "How to Train Your Dragon", dragons are a very famous mythological creature. Explore this category and find out more about how these fearsome beasts can be best used in decorating your space with dragons wall murals by Photowall. As per usual, you can adjust your selected dragons wall murals to match, or contrast, with your existing interior design, colour schemes and any other decorative elements that might come into play.

Dragons wall murals for the young ones

Dragons themselves are particularly appealing to children, as they still tend to believe in myths of the past and stories that they read in books or see on television. Dragons can be frightening, but can also be very beloved, especially among young boys. There is plenty of evidence of this in popular media, where dragon-themed mediums dominate the market that targets children in particular. "Eragon", for example, is a simple but truly likable piece that would certainly delight any youngling. "Purple Dragon Gazing at Rainbow" is another dragons wall mural that could light up not only the face of your kid, but also her or his bedroom, study area or play space. For the older children such as teenagers, dragons wall murals featuring this fantastic beast comes in plenty of variety. As you will see while perusing this assortment, you can choose between a child-friendly and affable dragons wall murals, as well as the following more adult fare.

A different vibe

Dragons wall murals also have a lot to offer for the older audience, since there are images in this category that might be a bit much for the kids. "The Valley of Dragons" is a captivating illustration showing off quite a few ferocious beasts with harsh shadows that are more suitable to teenagers and adults. Imagine this dragons wall mural in your work area or at home in your personal space. These types of motifs not only give the room texture, but also depict a side of your personality and mirror some of your character traits in spectacular fashion. "Black Dragon at Beach" is another dragons wall mural with that specific edge, which can give your room composition and individuality. Dragons wall murals of this nature can be the difference maker between your interiors being ordinary and extraordinary. Just imagine something like "Clash of the Titans" on your walls. A dragons wall mural like this can create dynamism and give your rooms maximum visual weight.

Impact of dragons wall murals

Whenever you are decorating a space that you frequent, never underestimate the power of a great background. While some are purely whimsical, such as backdrops of everyday things like the weather or a household item, there are also other perspectives which take your mind to an escape from reality. Scenes like an epic battle between good and evil, or ominous castles up in the mountains can make for a fantastic view and more interesting choice. Dragons wall murals offer these views as well as many depictions of famous legends. Dragons wall murals can work well as a statement of character, lending your interiors that esteemed personal touch. With our wide selection, you have the power to choose from these different motifs and adjust your dragons wall murals in accordance with your decorative predilection. There are unique designs, great colour combinations and stunning settings like in dragons wall murals like "Esaias Syn - Gustave Dore" or "Saint George Killing the Dragon".
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