We all need a little element of fantasy from time to time in our lives. This is why Photowall has put together a wonderful lineup of castles wall murals from the Magic & Mystery cRead moreategory which will help satisfy that itch. Your affinity for the otherworldly can be an asset when it comes to decorating your interiors. The magic in this assortment of castles wall murals is the many different environments and figures that inhabit the images. How you interpret and apply these castles wall murals to your chosen space is up to you. With castles wall murals at your behest, you will have a varied and beautiful tool to work with in your home, office or any other space. People of all ages love castles, whether it is the adults who appreciate the history and architecture, or the kids that love the stories and imagination you can associate with these buildings. Through castles wall murals, you can journey to different worlds every day of the year in a room of your liking.

Castles wall murals for the mind

Never lose your sense of wonder, even if the modern world continually chips away at it. With castles wall murals, you can preserve your inner child, within the confines of your home or even the office. You can live out your childhood dream of being a noble and heroic warrior in the form of items such as "Gates", where you can see a brave knight battling the ferocious creature guarding the castle. For some lighter visual fare, check out "Unicorns Residence", a sweeping panorama that can change the appearance of any room instantly while also providing depth and adding dimension. This wonderfully soft and serene castles wall mural might seem too childish initially, but can actually make for a splendid decoration even in an adult room such as the foyer or perhaps the break room at the office. The key is letting your family, friends or co-workers have a little daydream that helps them relax and breathe. In addition, you can gift these castles wall murals to the little ones for their birthday or any other special occasion.

The artistry

Many painters have been inspired by castles and the stories they bring with them. One of them is the famous Gustave Dore, who is widely hailed as the most successful illustrator of all time. Dore is practically responsible for the very way we see many figures in cultural and literary history. Aside from his Bible illustrations, he created bizarre depictions of mythical creatures, monsters, skeletons and mysterious mythical figures. The drawings are superbly crafted, the depth effect and the representation of light are masterful as you can see in the castles wall mural "Dore - Ogre in the Forest". You can display this wonderful castles wall mural in any home or workplace and watch how it instantly elevates the room into another stratosphere. Dore's vision creates a dramatic scene and thus producing an unforgettable ambiance in the interior you have chosen.

Castles wall murals of variety

There is a healthy variety when it comes to the environments you can find the images in the castles wall murals category. You will find amazing motifs such as "Fairy Tale Castle", for example. This is probably what first comes to mind when you think about fantasy castles, especially in the case of children. Depicted as high above surrounded by clothes, this castles wall mural really walks the fine line between fiction and reality. The details are very clear and beautiful, but you cannot outright say that it is not man-made. This absolutely splendid castles wall mural showcases the beauty of a castle in the sky, something that works for both adults and kids. If you are looking for something more outlandish, however, there are also plenty of options to choose from in castles wall murals. "Age of the Giants" is a fine example, albeit one that might be a bit much for the younger kids. It certainly has tremendous character and visual weight. As you can see, you can choose from a wide palette of options in castles wall murals to decorate your interiors with.
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