Greek Mythology

Greek mythology is one of the most prolific and enthralling volumes of storytelling in literature. Its characters and events have colored nearly every single aspect of our daily livesRead more, from the names of our streets to the brands of our products to the models of our cars. Some of the most iconic gods and goddesses that we recognize come from Greek mythology. The most thrilling and engaging themes in literature have their origins in these stories. Even our etymology finds some of its roots in their lore. Photowall gives this amazing element of literature its proper due in its line of Greek mythology wall murals. These images in the walls of your home are sure to provide much-needed color and vibrance to your every living space. Not to mention the animated conversations that will be inspired by the tales that each of them tells. No person that has undergone an elementary education is ignorant of Greek mythology, and these Greek mythology wall murals are sure to revive the same excitement in them as they did when they first heard these stories. Play a contest with your family members as to who can name the most characters and their accomplishments with these Greek mythology wall murals.

Prolific in Greek mythology wall murals

In Greek mythology, Hygieia is hailed as the goddess of health and cleanliness. She is called upon by those who wish to avoid sickness. Her name is where we get the word hygienic. Photowall honors this impressive figure of myth with “Hygieia-Gustav Klimt” in its collection of Greek mythology wall murals. Those who work in the field of medicine or personal hygiene may wish to display this particular image in their home, as a nod to the patron goddess of their profession. We are also proud to give you “Birth of Venus-Alexandre Cabanel” as another example of our breathtaking Greek mythology wall murals. This image depicts the goddess of beauty, reclining, as she is surrounded by floating cherubs. Beauty queens and actresses may want to display this particular image in their living spaces as an homage to the original deity of striking looks. The classic elements and arresting colors of these fine Greek mythology wall murals are guaranteed to add brightness and thrill to every home they are displayed in. Recount incidences in your life when you evoked the charm and magic of these sublime personalities to inspire you to great achievements.

Timeless in Greek mythology wall murals

In the tale of the god of strength Hercules, this deity was given seven trials by Zeus to prove his worth as a god. One of these momentous tests was to take the head of the serpent-haired Medusa, who could turn any creature to stone simply by looking at her. Photowall lets you enjoy this exciting tale with “Medusa” in its wide collection of Greek mythology wall murals. Hang these on your walls to remind you that sometimes, staring too long at something you want may lead to some rather unpleasant consequences. Diana is the goddess of hunting, the moon, and chastity. She is the daughter of Jupiter, but in Greek mythology, she is called Artemis. Her brother was the magnificent greek god Apollo. Photowall pays tribute to this unique Greek goddess in “Diana and her Nymphs, Peter Paul Rubens” in its one-of-a-kind line of Greek mythology wall murals. This image depicts the goddess of the hunt surrounded by hunters and fallen deer in a great forest. It is worthy to note that this image is a replica of an original painting by Rubens, having it in your home will be like owning a piece of priceless art.

Enthralling and captivating

The Greek goddess Thetis was offered by Zeus to dip her son into the well of immortality. The goddess obliged, plunging the child into the waters of the well, holding him by his ankles. This is the only part of his body that was not touched by the waters of immortality. The boy grew to be Prince Achilles, the greatest warrior the world has ever known. In his battle with the Trojans, he defeated many great heroes with a swing of his sword. But the Trojan prince Paris managed to shoot him with an arrow in his heel, his only place of vulnerability, this led to the great warrior’s death. This is just one of the excellent examples of the tales told in Greek mythology, and these fine Greek mythology wall murals can bring the magic and mystery of this lore into the comfort of your home. Invite your friends and neighbors over for an afternoon of wine and cheese, while you recount the endless tales of impressive feats done by these gods. While away the afternoon in a lively discussion of these momentous achievements. Grab your share of these Greek mythology wall murals today.
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