Knights & Maidens

Knights and maidens have always been a staple of medieval literature. The image of a brave and handsome knight, bedecked in armor, galloping steadily atop his white steed is almost asRead more iconic as heraldry itself. A fair maiden, locked in a stone tower, awaiting rescue from her courageous knight is always the other side of the equation. This romantic notion of love, courage, and honor has been prevalent in the human psyche since time began. And the greatest manifestation of this form of chivalry is the relationship between knights and maidens. Photowall raises its visor to this noble and romantic concept with its own collection of knights & maidens wall murals. These striking knights & maidens Position these knights & maidens wall murals in your library or private study and feel as though you are a 12th-century scribe, transcribing the great battles and feats of the day. These marvelous knights & maidens wall murals come in a wide variety of colors and designs for the modern-day lord of the manor to choose from. Bring the glory of medieval days into your home with these knights & maidens wall murals.

Striking in knights & maidens wall murals

Along with knights and maidens, some of the more popular staples of medieval legends are fire-breathing dragons, wizards, witches, kings and queens, ogres, and magical horses. Their wonderful feats of courage and chivalry were often immortalized in song and poetry. Photowall pays tribute to this proud heritage with “Oro”, “Crepusculo”, and “Maze” in its magnificent collection of knights & maidens wall murals. The first image in these knights & maidens wall murals showcases a brave knight decked in shining armor, presenting the Holy Grail to a golden dragon. The second one of these knights & maidens wall murals features one of the Crepusculo or Twilight Knights, perched on the neck of a dragon, with a sword in hand. The Twilight Knights were the protectors of all human knowledge throughout history. And the third example in our knights & maidens wall murals displays a beautiful, young maiden, trapped in a maze, with a red dragon pursuing her, and a brave knight ready to defend her to the death. These are but a taste of the magical and exciting knights & maidens wall murals that are available to bring adventure and thrill into the walls of your home. Gather your family around the living room and try to name all the knights and their great deeds, with these amazing knights & maidens wall murals surrounding you.

Endearing in knights & maidens wall murals

In the modern world, it is said that chivalry is dead. But not so in the times of these valiant knights and their damsels in distress. In these stories, good and evil are clearly defined, along with the hero and the villain. In our fairy tales as children, we often hear of evil witches casting a spell on a young maiden, or locking her up in a tower with a terrible fire-breathing dragon to guard over her. Then comes a handsome white knight, galloping like the wind on his trusty steed, ready to lay his life to battle the dragon and rescue the fair maiden. Photowall salutes their nobility with “Bedwyr”, “Brian Boru”, and “Lancelot” in its wonderful collection of knights & maidens wall murals. The first example in this set of knights & maidens wall murals is that of Sir Bedwyr, who in Arthurian legend is the knight who gave back Excalibur to the lady of the lake after the great king’s demise. The second in our knights & maidens wall murals show us Sir Brian Boru, who became the king of Ireland after successfully ending the reign of the Vikings in the region. The third in our collection of knights & maidens wall murals is that of Sir Lancelot, one of the bravest and most beloved knights of King Arthur’s round table. Also, the one who is rumored to have had a love affair with Queen Guinivere, Arthur’s wife. Enjoy these lovely images when you start your own collection of knights & maidens wall murals.

Courtly and romantic

These unique knights & maidens wall murals will not only be colorful adornments in your home but will provide great stories for you to tell your children. Watch their eyes go wide with wonder as you regale them with tales of dragons and sorcerers and enchanted swords, with the center of the plot always revolving around the chivalrous knight and the fair maiden in distress. Place these beautiful knights & maidens wall murals in their rooms and play areas, and let them dream of deeds of great chivalry and courage. Every romantic in us aspires to the noble qualities that these knights and maidens possess. We yearn for a world where good always triumphs over evil, justice is always served, and there are always the brave to defend us from those that would do us ill. These splendid knights & maidens wall murals are the embodiment of these ideals. Place these colorful knights & maidens wall murals around your home not only as objects of beauty but as a reminder of the perfection and romance we all aspire to.
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