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Helsinki Market - Wallpaper - Living Room




An ideal theme for your interior design can be the wild but beautiful Nordic nature, its majestic mountains, an abundance of small islands with crystal clear water and fascinating arcRead morehitecture. The capital of Finland is not just a place worth at least one visit in your lifetime, but also a wonderful and inspirational subject as embellishment in the form of Helsinki wall murals by Photowall. Our excellent and high quality selection of Helsinki wall murals can bring a different and appealing vibe into your home, office or recreational space. Furthermore, you have the option of applying modifications to suit your aesthetic, interior decoration, colour schemes and other decorative elements.

Built beauty in Helsinki wall murals

Helsinki was awarded the City of Design award by UNESCO and even named the world design capital a few years ago. Trendy, creative and beautiful are just some of the adjectives used by people who have visited this city and its infrastructure and buildings. This vibrant seaside city of beautiful islands and great green urban areas marches to a wonderful and unique beat of its own with dynamic design and architecture. Just take a gander at the Helsinki wall murals "Helsinki Finland Skyline" which come in different hues. The modern composition and tones make for an interesting sight whenever you set eyes upon it. Then there is the magnificent wharf in the Helsinki wall mural "Helsinki Harbour Waterfront" that can instantly transform your room into a gorgeous scene, no matter if it is in your living room or the board room of your workplace. For design and architecture fans, you can opt for something along the lines of "Roofs of Finland", a fantastic display of the Helsinki wall murals appeal.

Trust the basics

Helsinki might not have trademark attractions to rival the Eiffel Tower, or even a quaint Old Town which is usual in most European capitals. Nonetheless, you will see many Helsinki wall murals that showcase the unique and wonderful sights in Finland's capital. There are real life photographs that can almost make you feel the cool breeze permeating throughout this metropolis, and there are also works of art that give these motifs more meaning and context. Interestingly, Finland and Japan have many things in common like an appreciation for peace and quiet, minimalist designs, a vibrant tech sector, and a deep love for fish. You could even mistake Helsinki wall murals like "Market Square in Helsinki, Finland" as something out of Japan. The aforementioned minimalist designs are also visible in other beautiful Helsinki wall murals which you can employ in a wide array of different spaces, no matter if this is a domicile or a place of business.

Helsinki wall murals information

The capital of Finland is a fast-growing and beautiful city that possesses all the great qualities of a big metropolis, but without the baggage such as pollution and even traffic. Even though Helsinki is one of the coldest cities in the world where the average annual temperature does not exceed 0 °C and the sun is totally blocked for around 51 day a year, there are so many wonderful sights in and around the city that generate maximum visual weight and interest when applied in the form of Helsinki wall murals. Historically speaking, it only became an important city in 1812 when Russia occupied Finland. During that particular period of time, it gained many Neo-classical touches, all so characteristic of Saint Petersburg’s architecture, which you can see in Helsinki wall murals like "Helsinki Lutheran Cathedral in Evening Light", a magnificent motif that will instantly bring a lot of class to your space.
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